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Mayor Admits Gang Shift Forced Cops to Play Catch-Up, Alter Tactics

Mayor Rahm Emanuel admitted that, at first, "we didn't really have a comprehensive anti-gang strategy."

Bronzeville »

Rahm Praises Crime Stats, Pushes Police to do Better in 2014

Mayor Rahm Emanuel stressed "quality of life" issues instead at a Police Department media event.

Bridgeport »

Chicago 'By No Means' the Murder Capital of the U.S., Yale Study Concludes

Rahm and McCarthy touted the study's findings to renew calls for after-school programs and gun control.

Downtown »

Police Union: Hire More Cops Instead of Paying $93M in Overtime

"These officers are right here, right now," said police Supt. Garry McCarthy to justify overtime.

Downtown »

Top Cop: Chief Keef is Example of City's Juvenile Crime Problem

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy also said murders were down 20 percent this year.

Auburn Gresham »

Rev. Michael Pfleger Plans Peace March for First Day of Summer Friday

The St. Sabina pastor timed the rally for the season that typically sees the most murders in the city.

Englewood »

Chicago's Top Cop Calls U.S. War on Drugs 'Wholesale Failure'

CPD Supt. Garry McCarthy added that focusing on "hot-people policing" has worked in Englewood, Lawndale.

Englewood »

Man Suffered for Three Years While Alleged Shooter Walked Free, Wife Says

Alfred Wilson died Tuesday, three years after he was allgedly shot by a neighbor in a drunken argument.

Englewood »

Special Prosecutor Ordered In Alleged Torture Case Overseen by Alvarez

An alleged victim of Jon Burge fears he'll never see justice if his case is left to the state's attorney.

The Loop »

Nate Pendleton Joins Gun-Control 'Filibuster' Against Concealed Carry

Protesters asked state officials to preserve ban on concealed weapons, fight for it at Supreme Court.  

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