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Progressives Seek To 'Protect' Residents From 'Inevitable' Tax Increase

Proposals to raise taxes are meant to "protect Chicago taxpayers' pockets," said Ald. Scott Waguespack.

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Drones Face Airport Ban, Insurance Requirements, 12-Hour Curfew

Under the ban, drones also would be limited to flying no more than 400 feet off the ground.

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Cellphone Cases Shaped Like Guns Banned by City Council

The City Council called on the Police Department to explain a backlog in processing rape evidence kits.

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City Council 'Thoroughly Depressed' After Education Funding Hearing

Ald. Will Burns, chairman of the committee, said some testimony left everyone "thoroughly depressed."

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Will 'Sober Living' Home Permit Denial Lead to Closings Across City?

A Fresh Start looks to federal housing laws in deciding its next step.

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Transportation Fixes a Major Priority Before Finkl Redevelopment

North Branch Works held its final meeting Wednesday night to discuss plans for the industrial corridor.

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'Mystery Storefront' Construction in Wicker Park Nears End

Two trees are being installed Friday and despite looking finished, no one knows the building's tenant.

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City Empowers Police Superintendent to Swiftly Shut Down 'Problem' Bars

The new ordinance follows a year of headline-grabbing incidents at or outside Chicago nightclubs.

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Family of Man Killed Near Dolphin Nightclub Sues City, Club Owner

The family of the victim, Deonta Jackson, 35, filed a suit against the city and the nightclub Monday.

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North Side Voters Send Mixed Messages About Rahm

Voters in several North Side 'hoods sent mixed messages between their mayoral and aldermanic choices.

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Progressive Aldermen Getting Reinforcements on City Council

The seven remaining members of the Progressive Reform Caucus all won re-election.

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Damen Resurfacing From Diversey to Belmont Set to Start Friday

Resurfacing on Damen from Diversey and Belmont is expected to start Friday and last through May.

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$1.5 Billion in Unpaid Tickets Could Be Huge Cash Cow for Chicago

The debt owed for unpaid parking, red-light and speed camera tickets far exceeds that in N.Y. and L.A.

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Chuy Vows to Exhaust All Options Before Raising Taxes if Elected Mayor

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's campaign accused Jesus "Chuy" Garcia of "stonewalling" and offering "zero" details.

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Chuy Picks Up Progressive Endorsements, as Wilson Holds Out

Before Tuesday's election, Willie Wilson said he would endorse the mayor "under no circumstances."