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Watchdog to Probe Red-Light Cameras, at Rahm's Request

Inspector General Joseph Ferguson announced he'll look into irregularities with the system.

Lincoln Park »

Fox Ford Lincoln Breaks Ground After Political Delay

The Michigan-based motor group was surprised by the delays and relieved to finally get a green light.

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BYOB Ban Proposed -- But Not for Restaurants

A proposal by Ald. Deborah Graham would prohibit limitations on bringing alcohol to BYOB restaurants.

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Fioretti Challenges Plan to Gather Data from Cell Phone Users on Mag Mile

Ald. Bob Fioretti called for hearings on what data the city is collecting and to what end.

Roscoe Village »

Western-Belmont Overpass to be Demolished in 2015

The overpass will be replaced by a grade-level intersection, which some say will increase congestion.

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Crime Stats Called Into Question by Council Progressives

Ald. Scott Waguespack is submitting a resolution calling for hearings on the accuracy of crime stats.

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Chicago E-Bikes Will Get Rules for the Road if Ordinance Passes

Aldermen Joe Moreno and Scott Waguespack seek to clarify powered bicycles' place on the streets.

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Paid Sunday Parking Coming Back to Some Areas Under Mayor's Proposal

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed an extensive list of areas where parking would no longer be free.

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Strip-Club Changes Allowing Liquor Blamed on Rahm

Ald. Scott Waguespack said his original ordinance was "warped" by the Mayor's Office.

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Mental Heath Clinics Need Support, Say Council Progressives

Aldermen called on the Department of Public Health to draw on new funding sources.

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Moscow Sister City Ties Snipped by Council Committee Over Crimea Conflict

The move is meant to punish "brazen Putinesque Russian aggression" in Ukraine.

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Blue Line Reconstruction 'Not Going to be Easy,' Alderman Says

Train stations will be shut down some weekends, and the work will likely be loud, officials said.

Lincoln Park »

School Overcrowding, Crime are Challenges Facing Lincoln Park, Aldermen Say

The three aldermen who represent the area spoke at a "state of the neighborhood" lunch.

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Ald. Ervin Calls on Rep. Smith to Quit Race for General Assembly

The alderman called on incumbent Rep. Derrick Smith to drop out of the race.

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Five-Year Housing Plan Accepted by Council Committee Over CHA Complaints

Ald. Scott Waguespack bemoaned the lack of oversight over the Chicago Housing Authority.