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Andersonville »

Obamas Have Donated $47,000 to Chicago-Based Literacy Group Since 2005

The director of the organization behind Boundless Readers said the couple's support is "humbling."

South Lawndale »

Rahm on Hillary Clinton's Cabinet? No Way, Groggy Mayor Says

Mayor Rahm Emanuel cracked himself up with a joke about a phone call from President Obama.

Downtown »

Rahm's Back, What Next? 10 Things on the Mayor's To-Do List

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's next agenda is full of both pleasing and distasteful tasks.

Lakeview »

This Student's Science Project Was So Cool, it Got Her Into the White House

The Lake View student initially didn't believe the invitation was real.

Downtown »

Obama Library Land Swap Approved by City Council

Aldermen signed off on using parkland to sweeten the University of Chicago's bid.

Downtown »

Obama Library Land Transfer OK'd by City Council Committee

But a City Council joint committee tussled over whether the library should go on the South or West Side.

Downtown »

Obama Library Gets City Plan Commission OK To Use Parkland

The Plan Commission affirmed a land swap for President Barack Obama's proposed library.

University Village »

Rahm Says He's Best Bet to Win Obama Library; Chuy: I'm Just as Capable

Mayor Rahm Emanuel continued to use the library as a campaign issue against Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.

Downtown »

Rahm Vows To 'Double Down' Against Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia in Mayoral Runoff

Garcia calls for "a new Chicago" and claims Emanuel has forgotten "the people who made this city great."

Downtown »

If Rahm Is Forced Into A Runoff, It Isn't Because of Barack or Hillary

The national narrative about Chicago's mayoral election is a little off.

Oakland »

Barack Obama Skips Voting on South Side, Casts Absentee Ballot Instead

Obama's move eliminated a regular highlight of Election Day in Oakland: Watching the president vote.

Pullman »

Friday Afternoon Escape: See the Other National Monuments Named by Obama

The majesty of Chimney Rock, Colorado; the beauty of the San Juan Islands; a former camp in Hawaii.

Kenwood »

Obama Praises, Then Ribs 4th Ward Ald. Will Burns Days Before Election

The president called up his alderman Thursday to complain about getting his trees trimmed.

Pullman »

Historic Pullman Neighborhood Now Officially a National Monument

President Barack Obama came to his adopted hometown to make the declaration.

Kenwood »

Obama To Visit Kenwood Home During Trip To Honor Pullman

The president will be in Chicago Thursday to name sections of Pullman a national monument.