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"My Chicago" is about real Chicago. Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Konkol goes beyond Second City clichés to take readers to places they otherwise wouldn't go, introduce them to people they otherwise wouldn't meet, hold government accountable, stick up for the little guy and have a lot of fun.

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Bronzeville »

Rahm Emanuel Says 'I'm Ready Either Way' As Runoff Election Looms

KONKOL: Over lunch, Emanuel talks neighborhoods, kids, schmutz and his mea culpa. He also gets insulted.

Wrigleyville »

Local H Celebrates 25 Years With New Album and Same Old Love For Metro

Local H front man Scott Lucas to kick off "Hey, Killer" tour at Metro on band's silver anniversary.

Montclare »

Mayor's Race Pits Two Chicagos - One Rich, One Poor - Against Each Other

KONKOL: Rahm Emanuel and Chuy Garcia had different messages for different audiences in their debate.

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