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"My Chicago" is about real Chicago. Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Konkol goes beyond Second City clichés to take readers to places they otherwise wouldn't go, introduce them to people they otherwise wouldn't meet, hold government accountable, stick up for the little guy and have a lot of fun.

Classing up State Street with one French-made dinosaur/donut earring at a time ... and other fancy stuff. fb.me/6Drr0ffZ5
1 days ago
The Loop »

Parisian Jewelry Shop Adds Touch of Class Among State Street Big Box Stores

Les Nereides' first American boutique on State Street is a little "out of place but in a good way."

Wicker Park »

Indie Soul Singer Jennifer Hall Reintroduces Herself to Chicago Music Scene

KONKOL: Jennifer Hall is set to debut her self-titled EP with a concert at Subterranean on June 12.

Downtown »

Latino Firefighters Bullied Into Taking Race-Based Promotions, They Say

But the Fire Department said race-based "out-of-rank promotions" shouldn't carry a negative stigma.

Pullman »

Plan for New Pullman Cafe Might Not Sound Like a Big Deal ... But It Is

Artist Ian Lantz says he's won city approval to open Pullman Cafe as community gathering place.

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