The Expired Meter

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Downtown »

Give Me Back My Red-Light Camera Ticket Money, Lawsuit Demands

Contract improprieties should negate tickets for hundreds of thousands of drivers, the suit says.

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City Sticker Deadline Extended a Day After Computer Glitch

Drivers now have until midnight Wednesday to buy their stickers or risk a ticket — and pay a late fee.

River North »

Parking Meter App Users Wrongly Ticketed Hundreds of Times, City Says

Drivers who were wrongly ticketed can get citations thrown out, the city said.

The Loop »

2014 City Stickers Now for Sale as Year-Round Renewals Kick In

After more than a century of stickers expiring on the same day, the city is spreading out the dates.

Downtown »

Parking Meter Deal Revisions Saving City Tens of Millions of Dollars: City

State law limiting who qualifies for free disabled parking also appears to be saving city money.

Downtown »

Ousted Red-Light Camera Vendor Rakes in Windfall in Contract's Final Months

Redflex handed over control to Xerox in February, but its last year netted the company $24 million.

Downtown »

MetroMile to Pay 100 Street Sweeping Tickets; App to Send Cleaning Alerts

The insurance firm plans to hand out $60 to those who bring tickets to 435 N. Michigan on April 23.

West Loop »

Parking Meter Company Debuts Pay-By-Phone Pilot Program in West Loop

The system aims to eliminate the need to dash from car to pay box, or display a windshield receipt.