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The Loop »

Should Winter Overnight Parking Ban be Scrapped? Aldermen Want To Study It

Six aldermen, led by Bob Fioretti, called for a study on whether to scrap the automatic winter ban.

Humboldt Park »

Tow Trucks Snag 239 Cars On First Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban

Grouchy Chicago motorists waited in line at the City Pound to pick up their towed cars Monday.

Downtown »

Red Light Camera Challenge Fails Before State Supreme Court

Two justices, including Ald. Burke's wife, recused themselves while four others split on the matter.

Downtown »

Red Light Camera Hearing by Council Committee Scheduled For Tuesday

After months of scandal and revelations on the red light camera program, aldermen will hear complaints.

Downtown »

City Watchdog Slams Management of Red-Light Camera Program

City management of the  RLC  program with  Redflex  was "fundamentally deficient,” Joseph Ferguson says.

River North »

City Yellow Lights Too Short, Judge Says Before Tossing Red-Light Tickets

Three lawyers and several other city officials defended red-light camera tickets at a Monday hearing.

Downtown »

Give Me Back My Red-Light Camera Ticket Money, Lawsuit Demands

Contract improprieties should negate tickets for hundreds of thousands of drivers, the suit says.

Downtown »

City Sticker Deadline Extended a Day After Computer Glitch

Drivers now have until midnight Wednesday to buy their stickers or risk a ticket — and pay a late fee.

River North »

Parking Meter App Users Wrongly Ticketed Hundreds of Times, City Says

Drivers who were wrongly ticketed can get citations thrown out, the city said.