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Inwood »

Tell us your salary and we'll tell you where to start hunting for a roommate-free apartment.

Long Island City »

A new city-commissioned study reveals more details of the mayor's proposed streetcar system.

Midtown »

The Big Apple has seen dozens of superhero showdowns during the last 16 years.

Midwood »

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' roots are as New York as his accent.

Carroll Gardens »

Carlos Menchaca, Brad Lander and others now make far more than the median income of their districts.

New York City »

Gigbloc is an interactive map that pinpoints concerts showing at the city's smaller venues.

Inwood »

More than 12,000 New Yorkers drew their neighborhood borders on DNAinfo's map.

Chelsea »

Nearly 1,000 people drew where they thought Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea were.

Fort Greene »

Newer residents did not include the area north of Myrtle Avenue in the neighborhood.

Lower East Side »

Here are the borders of the Lower East Side, according to readers who drew them on DNAinfo's map.

Bed-Stuy »

Even less desirable neighborhoods in New York would be the most expensive places to live elsewhere.

Cobble Hill »

DNAinfo created a map that shows the reported bullying incidents in public schools in 2013 to 2014.

Upper East Side »

Tell us where you think your neighborhood's borders are on this interactive map.

Midtown »

Click every subway station you've ever been to and figure out how much of a New Yorker you really are.