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Williamsburg »

Police are asking for help identifying the man who they say attacked a stranger on Feb. 13.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police say they've arrested a man who waved his gun behind a reporter on live TV.

Fort Greene »

Police are looking for a group of men who attacked a postal worker Wednesday in Fort Greene.

Chinatown »

Police are looking for two men who installed a card skimmer inside an ATM at a Chinatown drug store.

East Village »

Police said the man was armed with a gun when he kicked open the door and demanded money.

East Village »

Police said the suspect came up to the victim from behind before cutting in him in the face and back.

East Village »

Police said the man pretended to have a gun and demanded money from the victim last week.

Chinatown »

A man and a woman hit a 31-year-old woman in the head before stealing her purse, police said.

Forest Hills »

The arsonist, suspected of setting seven fires in Forest Hills, remains at large. 

Midtown »

The suspect stole from four women across Manhattan, police said.

Bushwick »

The robbers struck Sunday at the Merengala Barber Shop located at 164 Irving Ave., according to police.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The suspect hit White Oak Oyster Bar & Cocktail Lounge three times over four days, the NYPD said.

Lower East Side »

Police said the suspect is approximately 40 to 50 years old.

Lower East Side »

A suspect raped a woman in the Lower East Side after attempting to assault two others Thursday morning.

East Village »

Two men in their 20s robbed VideoGamesNewYork on East Sixth Street, police said.