armed robbery

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Rochdale Village »

The suspects knocked on a woman's door and pushed their way into her apartment. 

Forest Hills »

The suspect stole $1,300 from the New Yellowstone Farms fruit and vegetable market, police said.

Concourse Village »

Video surveillance captured the suspects holding a gun to the man's neck, police said. 

Clinton Hill »

The suspects stole the victim's keys after helping him get his friend into his apartment, police said.

Clinton Hill »

Police are looking for three men they say robbed a T-Mobile store at 436 Myrtle Ave.

Boerum Hill »

The store's owner was able to scare the men off by throwing glass bottles at their heads, he said.

West Farms »

The suspect stole more than $2,200 in four robberies, police said.

Chelsea »

A robber held up two straphangers a week apart at the 14th Street 1 train stop, according to police.

Clinton Hill »

A trio of men robbed the workers at a bodega under construction at 376 Lafayette Ave., police said.

Jamaica »

Three suspects robbed the store on Farmers Boulevard the day before Thanksgiving.

Mariners Harbor »

The pair stole a 40-year-old man's wallet and SUV in Mariners Harbor, police said.

Fort Greene »

The men ambushed the victim as he was sitting in his car, police said.

Woodside »

The suspect stole $660 and several packs of gum during a two-hour span, police said.

Port Richmond »

The pair robbed businesses and people around Staten Island from Oct. 9 to Oct. 25, police said.

Bed-Stuy »

The two men, one who was armed with a gun, fled the bodega with about $200 in cash, police said.