On the Inside

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Murray Weiss is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist and editor, and is considered an expert on government, law enforcement, criminal justice, organized crime and terrorism.

Flatbush »

Keon Richmond, the ex-boyfriend of Alastasia Bryan, was found hiding in a closet in Flatbush.

Mill Basin »

Officer Alastasia Bryan was threatened with death twice by an ex-boyfriend before she was slain Dec. 4.

Mill Basin »

Alastasia Bryan loaned her boyfriend her car and, when she asked for it back, he shot her, sources say.

Hunts Point »

The valve gave way when the heat came on inside the apartment where two young sisters were napping.

Howard Beach »

DNA retrieved from the slain Howard Beach jogger did not match any offender in the state's database.

Murray Hill »

The men tried to pull off the 18-year-old's hijab and yelled verbal abuse at her, sources said.

Gravesend »

Law enforcement sources question why the NYPD wasn't notified when ACS got a tip about Jaden's abuse.

Civic Center »

The mayor used helicopters 22 times since he took office, and 16 times in the last few months.

SoHo »

Three people put a brick through the front door and made off with merchandise, police said.

Upper East Side »

James Rackover is accused of hiding the body of a Connecticut man killed after a night of partying.

Upper East Side »

Two men who partied with Joseph Comunale before he vanished are being held by the NYPD.

Civic Center »

The week after the presidential election also saw an increase in hate crimes, according to the data.

Upper East Side »

Police found bloody sheets trashed nearby and fear foul play in the disappearance of Joseph Comunale.

Civic Center »

Here's how a Trump Administration could affect investigations by U.S. Attorneys here in New York.