On the Inside

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Murray Weiss is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist and editor, and is considered an expert on government, law enforcement, criminal justice, organized crime and terrorism.

High Bridge »

Thousands of NYPD officers could lose lucrative side gigs at Yankee Stadium, other arenas and banks.

Civic Center »

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney and the Internal Revenue Service are investigating his finances.

Civic Center »

Embarrassment occurred two days after de Blasio announced "Vision Zero" crackdown on bad drivers.  

Civic Center »

A grand jury accused the quartet of federal bribery charges in two cases of alleged corruption.

East New York »

Motorist Delrawn Small was punching Officer Wayne Isaacs when he was shot and killed, sources said.  

Civic Center »

The two officials and a businessman pal could be indicted as early as Friday.

Civic Center »

He told 600 officials that disgraced officers lost thousands of dollars to retire under a cloud.  

Flushing »

Police say they were looking for workmen in a locked-up nightclub, but the owner says that's 'bulls--t.'

Civic Center »

A businessman was caught on wiretaps boasting about his clout within the NYPD, sources said.

Civic Center »

"Candi" joined NYPD officials and friends of the mayor on a private jet to Vegas for Super Bowl weekend.

Greenwich Village »

The NYPD is hunting down threatening callers in advance of this year's Pride Week festivities.

Civic Center »

Battalion Chief Lawrence Stack will be buried on what would have been his 49th wedding anniversary.

Upper West Side »

Investigators probing a Brooklyn criminal case found themselves in the middle of a crime in progress.

Civic Center »

Inspector Steven D'Ulisse will replace official who killed himself amid NYPD corruption scandal.