CPS budget cuts

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The move is designed to raise the standards for all CPS preschool students, officials said.

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Emanuel said Tuesday he is planning to run for a third term as mayor of Chicago.

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Rahm's endorsement comes after 99 percent of teachers voted "no confidence" in Claypool's leadership.

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Schools are $9 billion in debt, and the union blames CEO Forrest Claypool and Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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Schools will not see more cuts this year, and and no new taxes will be proposed, officials said.

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Schools will not see additional cuts this school year — and no new taxes will be proposed, sources said.

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Chicago schools are in the midst of a massive budget crisis, and the union blames CEO Forrest Claypool.

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Alexandra Holt served as Mayor Rahm Emanuel's only budget director.

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Schools will stay open until June 20, despite CPS' massive shortfall, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

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Ald. Ramirez-Rosa said any further cuts to CPS could prompt students to walk out of class in protest.

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The mayor announced April 30 that students will be in school until June 20, as scheduled.

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The governor fired back in an escalating fight with the mayor Friday from the basement of the building.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel said again Tuesday that students will be in school until June 20.  

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The CPS school year could end June 1 unless there's an infusion of cash in the next week.

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A hearing in the school district's lawsuit against the state is set for Wednesday.