CPS budget cuts

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Bucktown »

Teachers were advised to clock in and clock out precisely on time Monday through Friday.

Altgeld Gardens »

A bill introduced by two Republican senators could be signed "within days," Gov. Bruce Rauner said.

Humboldt Park »

The mayor plans to use $325,000 in TIF funds to build the batting cage in Humboldt Park.

Pilsen »

"At this point these are cries of desperation. Hear our pleas," said CTU President Karen Lewis.

Roseland »

Chance urged wealthy Chicagoans to join him in helping the city's schools.

Englewood »

The Grammy Award-winning rapper said he told Gov. Bruce Rauner "take our kids off the table" on Friday.

Chatham »

On Twitter, Chance called the back-and-forth between the elected officials "embarassing."

The Loop »

"Take our kids off the table," artist tells Rauner; governor describes "good exchange."

Wicker Park »

Judge Franklin Valderrama set a hearing in the case for April 19.

Englewood »

School will end 20 days early unless more money is found, Chicago Public Schools officials said.

Edgewater »

The cuts total $31 million, even after CPS restored $15 million to some schools.

Bucktown »

Majority-Latino schools had been slammed twice as hard as majority-white schools by cuts, report found.

Bridgeport »

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of five parents, alleges race-based civil rights violations.

Grand Boulevard »

The school was one of 10 that saw the maximum slashed in budget cuts announced Monday by CPS.

Wrigleyville »

CPS officials cut $46M from schools across the city as they scrambled to help fill a $215M budget hole.