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Irving Park »

The city is hosting a community meeting Wednesday to discuss the potential removal of the cameras.

Roscoe Village »

Western Avenue will be reduced to one lane in preparation for installation of new bus stops.

Logan Square »

It's been about 60 years since the well-traversed median was filled with grass.

Albany Park »

The Albany Park Storm Water Diversion Tunnel is still a year from being operational.

West Loop »

The lights could illuminate "crazy dark" streets under the Green Line, Ald. Walter Burnett said.

Downtown »

Lake Street bridge will be closed most of Sunday for maintenance, according to CDOT.

Grand Boulevard »

That statue, by the sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial, was removed from its pedestal Thursday.

Grand Crossing »

CDOT said on Friday that it had resurfaced more than 100 miles of streets so far.

West Loop »

After two recent accidents, could a much-needed traffic signal be coming soon at Lake and Morgan?  

Irving Park »

The bridge at Irving Park Road and the Chicago River is set for a much-needed reconstruction project.

Roscoe Village »

The planned Riverview Bridge was once known as the Addison Underbridge Connector.

Roscoe Village »

Following the weekend's full closure, traffic is moving on Western in both directions ahead of schedule.

Roscoe Village »

Little kids and grown-up kids who like seeing stuff demolished are in for a treat this weekend.

Roscoe Village »

The Western-Belmont viaduct lane closures are in effect: Here's how to get around the construction zone.

Roscoe Village »

Preliminary construction work has already begun, and now there's a date for the wrecking ball.