Margaret Laurino

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Sauganash »

The 145-foot canopy could be used for farmers markets, barbecues or movie nights, grocery staffers said.

Midway »

Alds. Patrick O'Connor and Margaret Laurino, allies of the mayor, authored the measure.

Sauganash »

Researchers called the three-mile strip of Devon west of Kedzie a "low-density, auto-centric" area.

Albany Park »

Parents raised a ruckus about years of neglect and now Ald. Laurino says a new roof is on the way.

Mayfair »

"Edens Collection" would include 15 new retail shops where Foster Avenue meets the Edens Expy.

Sauganash »

City officials cut the ribbon Sunday on a field they said will be a safer, more flood-resistant upgrade.

North Park »

The 63-unit complex be set aside for low-income seniors, officials said.

Edgebrook »

Officials are asking Pace to consider the extension in its overhaul of the North Shore bus network.

Mayfair »

City and county leaders cut the ribbon on the 1.2-mile path extension Saturday.

Sauganash »

The utility company expects to finish building its new campus by early 2019, executives said.

Sauganash »

Meanwhile, the developer is "continuing to fine-tune the design of the building," officials said.

Norwood Park »

As part of the citywide "Year of Public Art" initiative, each ward will see its own public installation.

Sauganash »

Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th) would need to approve a zoning change for the project to move forward.

Forest Glen »

Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th) and neighbors brainstormed ways to improve bike access on Thursday.

Downtown »

Professor Dick Simpson, a former aldermen, found divided votes have doubled in the mayor's second term.