Bruce Rauner

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Back of the Yards »

The legislation that Gov. Bruce Rauner has vowed to veto would add $300 million to CPS' bottom line.

Edgewater »

A tax on pot could rake in $350 million annually for the state, two legislators from Edgewater said.

Uptown »

Fifteen Republicans broke away from the governor to end the impasse of more than two years.

McKinley Park »

Supt. Eddie Johnson said the bill should put repeat gun offenders on notice that they will go to prison.

Downtown »

The mayor and the governor have been at loggerheads over the Thompson Center for months.

Downtown »

Now tax scavengers can pounce on homeowners past due on their bills in just 90 days.   

Downtown »

The climate protest kicks off Friday afternoon, followed by a "March for Truth" Saturday. 

Jefferson Park »

The measure, which would go into effect in 2023, passed with a veto-proof majority.

Hegewisch »

The Flex-N-Gate factory is the second to announce plans this year to open in Hegewisch.

Lakeview »

The Republican governor has vowed to veto the measure.

Downtown »

The "May Day Coalition" took aim at President Trump, Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Rauner.

Lakeview »

A lawmaker said it would protect existing rights, but critics said it would expand the use of tax money.

Beverly »

Slaughter (D-27th) was appointed Jan. 5 to replace the retiring Monique Davis.

Englewood »

Chance also announced that the Bulls had donated $1 million to Chicago schools as part of his effort.

Edgewater »

Gov. Bruce Rauner is reviewing the legislation, his spokeswoman said.