Barbara Byrd Bennett

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The year began with Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the first mayoral runoff and only went downhill from there.

West Ridge »

Principal Robert Baughman said he's "extremely concerned" how cuts could affect his campus.

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When out-of-towners let Mayor Emanuel down he turned to Daley-administration veterans to save him.

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Barbara Byrd-Bennett's scandalous court case caught one tweeter's eye.

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Yet Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended the "goal" of principal training behind the $23 million deal she set up.

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Byrd-Bennett is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for steering a no-bid contract.

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For kids using Howard Area Community Center services, the mile between campuses can mean life or death.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel also named Frank Clark to replace David Vitale as head of the Board of Education.

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Parent and community groups are organizing three forums to inform the public on how talks are going.

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Board of Education Vice President Jesse Ruiz will "enjoin the duties" as interim CEO as well.

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The feds are investigating a no-bid contract awarded to Byrd-Bennett's former employer.

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Two school days were added on to the school year after the February cancellations, CPS said.

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More than 800 families had selective-enrollment applications rejected as incomplete.

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Community groups are proposing an open-enrollment green technology school in Dyett.

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Now that the Pilsen school's council has voted to fire her, CPS will approve or deny the recommendation.