Forgotten Chicago will lead a bike tour and history discussion through Avondale beginning at noon Sunday, June 23, at the Belmont Blue Line station, 3398 W. Belmont Ave.

Tickets are $15 and should be bought in advance here.

The tour will involve about 10 miles of riding and last approximately 2 1/2 hours.

This tour is recommended for moderately experienced cyclists and at times will venture into busy thoroughfares.

A bike and helmet are required, while water and sunscreen is recommended.

If the tour is canceled to bad weather, credit will be given for another tour of equal value.

More from Forgotten Chicago:

"The tour will begin fittingly with the beginnings of Avondale, including its early history along the Chicago River and the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. The early ethnic history and some of the first housing in the area will be examined. Then, we will ride west into an area with modest beginnings that later became the cultural mecca for Poles in Chicago. The commercial strip of Milwaukee Avenue will be discussed in-depth, including architecture, storefronts, ethnic history and the growth and evolution of the area.

"The tour will also touch on other facets and curiosities of architecture, urban design and everyday life in the area. Of course, we'll explore oddities, curiosities in the street grid, and other overlooked elements of the densely populated Avondale area."