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Paul O'Neal Police Shooting: What The Videos Show

By Tanveer Ali | August 5, 2016 1:28pm
 Several videos showing the fatal police shooting of Paul O'Neal were released days after the incident.
Several videos showing the fatal police shooting of Paul O'Neal were released days after the incident.
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CHICAGO — Several in-car and body camera videos were released Friday showing the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Paul O'Neal at the end of July.

Here's what each video shows. None of the videos show O'Neal actually being shot. Warning, these videos are graphic:

One Bodycam Video

This video is taken from the perspective of one of the police officers who fired his gun in the incident.

Around 1:12: The police officer gets out of the driver's seat as the black Jaguar seems to side swipe the police car. While his partner gets out of the passenger seat and fires several shots at the Jaguar, this officer points his gun up and seemingly fires a shot before running toward the fence that O'Neal jumped over.

Around 2:40: After running around, the officer finds himself in a backyard. O'Neal — who is bleeding through the back — is surrounded by officers. The officer runs in and grabs O'Neal, calling him a "b---- ass motherf-----." Another officer accused O'Neal of trying to "f---ing shoot at us." "Put your hand behind your back," the officer said as another handcuffed O'Neal while he is still on the ground. Police then searched O'Neal's backpack, which is already open, and asked "do you have anything on you?"

Around 4:30: The officer is greeted by another officer who gives him a "five."

Around 5:45: The officer who has the bodycam asks, "Hey, he shot back right?"

Another Bodycam Video

This bodycam video is taken from the perspective of the officer who was initially in the passenger seat. Both are heard looking for a Jaguar.

Around 1:10: Gun in hand, the officer exits the passenger side before the Jaguar seemingly swipes the driver's side. The officer goes around the hood of the car then starts firing several shots at the Jaguar. At least 10 shots could be heard.

The officer runs after O'Neal into a driveway. O'Neal climbs a fence and more shots are heard.

Around 2:30: The officer makes his way to the backyard where officers have surrounded O'Neal and are handcuffing him.

Around 3:12: Officers are talking about what happened. One asks "They shot at us too, right?" Out of breath, this officer walks back out toward the street and starts explaining that he was one of the officers who fired shots.

Around 5:32: The officer is upset saying "F--- man, I'm going to be on the desk for 30 goddamn days now. F---ing desk duty for 30 days now."

A Dashcam Video

This video is taken from inside the car in which the two previously mentioned officers were traveling. Around 9:30, the black Jaguar is seen swerving close to the car, before one of the officers gets out of the passenger seat and points his gun toward the Jaguar.

A Third Bodycam Video

This video is from the perspective of a third officer who also fired shots. This video shows footage after the shootings.

Around 0:30: The first 30 seconds of the video is silent until this officer puts his hand to his chest and a beep goes off. After that the sound on the video works. The officer is looking for his stun gun and says "I think I shot that motherf----- man." He explains one officer is hurt.

Around 8:30: The officer goes to backyard explaining where he exactly shot at O'Neal from. "Shots were coming at us as the car was coming at us. All I heard was shots. I don't know if they fired or not," the officer explains. "I don't know if he was armed or not." The officer says he may have fired five shots.

""Man this is so f---ed up. I don't want anything to happen to that f---ing guy dude," the officer says. "The way s---'s going man, I'm going to be f---ing crucified man." He asks another officer if O'Neal was armed then said "I pray to God nothing happens to him."

Another Dashcam Video

This video is taken from inside a police car. Around 4:05, it shows the black Jaguar swerving around another police car. The Jaguar crashes head on with this car and smoke overtakes the screen. Shots are heard after the crash. Once the smoke clears, a totaled black Jaguar can be seen.

A Fourth Bodycam Video

This bodycam video was taken from the perspective of an officer who wasn't involved in the shooting. He is heard going around explaining the process for investigating police-involved shootings. At 5:28, he tells one of the officers involved to "relax and don't say anything until the administrative process has started."

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