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LSC Election Results for Bridgeport, McKinley Park Area Schools

By Casey Cora | April 11, 2014 9:14am | Updated on April 11, 2014 10:33am
 Local School Councils are made up of elected parents and community representatives along with school teachers, staffers and principals.
Local School Councils are made up of elected parents and community representatives along with school teachers, staffers and principals.
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Healy Elementary School

BRIDGEPORT — With the 2014 Local School Council elections in the books, it'll soon be time for the newly elected groups to hunker down and get to work.

The councils are made up of elected parents and community representatives along with school teachers, staffers and principals.

For some, absorbing the latest CPS mandates and other big council responsibilities — OK'ing principal contract renewals is among the main roles — will be old hat.

"For me, it’s been a good way to make sure the community is represented," said Adam Campbell, a 16-year veteran who's again serving as a community representative at Canaryville's Graham Elementary School.

"This community has needed an above-average school. We're no longer looking for just average. We're looking for a school that prepares student for life beyond the borders of Canaryville. To be perfectly honest, in the past we haven’t gotten that," he said.

For others, it'll be a brand-new experience.

"We do have some young parents that are coming on board, which means they don’t have a whole lot of experience. But they do have a lot of expectations, and I think that’s good for the school in general," Campbell said.

Bill Drew, 66, is a McKinley Park activist just elected as a community representative to the council at Everett Elementary School, 3419 S. Bell Ave. Many of that council's parents and teachers are Spanish speakers.

Drew said many parents and teachers are hoping the school can retain students instead of losing them to charter schools, which would mean losing more money because of the district's "student-based budgeting" system that doles out money to schools based on enrollment.

That's why Drew said he decided to run for the council.

A community organizer and leader of a nascent progressive group, he wants to align the school community with the broader political movements taking place within neighborhood schools to combat school closings and budget cuts.

"Just by the nature of the kind of unity that exists in the immigrant community, they have a lot of potential to do some things," he said, pointing to a recent protest that led to the installation of air conditioning units in the Southwest Side school.

"I think they're looking hopefully that I'm joining them with a different sent of connections," he said.

Here's a look at the unofficial election results, compiled through multiple interviews and snapshots of vote totals posted outside several area schools. CPS has not yet posted the official tallies and a district spokesman said it’s unclear when they would be available.

Armour Elementary, 950 W. 33rd Place

Parent Reps: Krissy Guzman, Maria Ibarra, Guadalupe Perez

Community Reps: Jennifer Lynn Barnett, Joe Trutin

Teacher Reps: Julissa Lopez, Marc Sokolowksi

Staff Rep: Olga Salas

McClellan Elementary, 3527 S. Wallace Ave.

Parent Reps: James Gallas, Katrina Goodman, Josephine Norwood, Melissa Parks, Noribel Rodriguez, Eva Spicka

Community Reps: Ivy Ortiz-Gaston and Maureen Sullivan

Teacher Reps: Michael Khoshaba, Laura Krasny

Staff Rep: Sesi Martin

Holden Elementary, 1104 SW. 31st St.

Parent Reps: Luz Flores, Lily Lin, Lillian Renteria

Community Rep: Celeste Pedziwiatr

Teacher Reps: Mary Murrihy, Lori Phillips, Kimberly Richardson

Staff Reps: Elizabeth Del Valle

Haines Elementary, 247 W. 23rd Place

Parent Reps: Su Jung Cheng, Kazidi Feng, Kun Li, Natasha McClain, John Wiley, YluWen Zhou

Community Reps: June Coutre, Paul Yee

Teacher Reps: Yi Ruan, Takila Savage

Staff Rep: Patricia Ware

Healy Elementary,  3010 S. Parnell Ave.

Parent Reps: Jennifer Macchione, Jillian Mai, Miguel Prieto, John Salzman, Simon Shiu

Community Reps: Americo Calderon, Jie Liu

Teacher Reps: Thomas Higgins, Louis Gaal

Staff Rep: Kelly Hopp

Evergreen Academy Middle School, 3537 S. Paulina Ave.   

Parent Reps: Anna Espinosa, Mariselda Garza, Melissa Munoz, Robert Munoz, Ninfa Santillan, Mandi Smith

Community Reps: William Cruz, Suzanne Pletsch

Teacher Reps: Paul Kanelos, Claudia Medrano

Staff Rep: Lucy Duron

Sheridan Math and Science Academy, 533 W. 27st St.

Parent Reps: Sharon Arrigo, Jennie Biggs, Barbara Clemens, Tara Henderson-Delgado, Michael Mancine, Amy Ng

Community Reps: Joe Fratto and Mark Munizz

Teacher Reps: Colleen McCormick, Tricia McGann

Staff Rep: Ruth Fratto

Velma Thomas Early Childhood Center, 3625 S. Hoyne Ave.

Parent Reps: Heather Breems, Mario Diaz, Teresa Jimenez, Griselda Martinez, Maria Ortega.

Community Reps: Manjiri Cabrera

Teacher Reps: Nancy Arredondo, Jo Ann Hermanek

Greene Elementary, 3525 S. Honore St.

Parent Reps: Maria Estrella, Mario Estrella, Christina Hernandez, Karina Macedo, Maria Zuno. A three-way tie between candidates Andrea Aldaba, Martha Alfaro, Martha Arroyo will be resolved in an upcoming lottery.

Community Reps: Alicia Krok, Maria Suarez

Teacher Reps: Gina Burrows, Christopher Lispey, Denise Scott

Everett Elementary, 3419 S. Bell Ave.

Parent Reps: Sandra De la Cruz, Karla Jaramillo, Maria Ramirez, Maria Renteria, Rocio Reyes, Angelica Uribe

Community Reps: Bill Drew and Martha Mendoza

Teacher Reps: Adrienne Dancy, Jennifer Madden, Yevgeniya Rezina

Staff Rep: Angela Duran-Simental, Cecilia Franco

Graham Elementary, 4436 S. Union Ave.

Parent Reps: Megan Bracken, Dawn Brewer, Jacqueline Gibson-Barrett, Donella Hall, Jolene Trentz, Dana Valdez

Community Reps: Adam Campbell and Ray Carey

Teacher Reps: Kathleen Caponera, Deborah Hogan

Staff Rep: Mark Freeman

James Ward Elementary, 2701 S. Shields Ave.

Parent Reps: Micky Choi, Elaine Chow,Winnie Huang, Dianna Kwan, Caili Li, Christopher Rewers

Community Reps: Joyce Hiu and Yanfeng Li

Teacher Reps: Patrick Deneher, Kristen Goetz

Staff Rep: Dorothy Agee Jackson, Leslie Penn

Hendricks Elementary, 4316 S. Princeton Ave

Parent Reps: Debra Aldridge, Rhonda Anderson, Valeria Kelly-Harris, Naumbi Mangun

Community Reps: None

Teacher Reps: Larry Spearman, Rise Thomas, Felicia Williams-Narcisse

Staff Rep: Glenda Jordan

Kelly High School, 4136 S. California Ave.

Parent Reps: Francisco Jimenez, Dawne Martinez, Maria Martinez, Faustina Vargas, Paul Yee, Juan Prieto, Paul Yee

Community Reps: Theresa Mah, Jose Hernandez

Teacher Reps: Joseph Oswald, Carolyn Brown

Staff Rep: Alfredo Gonzalez

Student Rep: Marivi Ocampo