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CPS School-by-School Enrollment Projections; Final Numbers Coming Soon

By DNAinfo Staff on September 24, 2013 12:51pm

 A steady stream of Chappell students make their way up Foster Avenue along a safe passage route.
A steady stream of Chappell students make their way up Foster Avenue along a safe passage route.
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DNAinfo/Patty Wetli

DOWNTOWN — Chicago Public Schools officials on Tuesday are expected to release attendance figures for its schools, based on a head count of kids in attendance on the 20th day of school.

In advance of those numbers, here are CPS' attendance projections for the schools. CPS sorted the names in alphabetical order, including by first name if a school is named after a person.


A.N. Pritzker School                                    704
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School                       804
Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Community Academy ES        481
Adlai E Stevenson Elementary School                     1289
Agustin Lara Elementary Academy                         524
Air Force Academy High School                           367
Al Raby High School                                     525
Albany Park Multicultural Middle School                 285
Albert G Lane Technical High School                     4170
Albert R Sabin Elementary Magnet School                 631
Alcott High School for the Humanities                   289
Alessandro Volta Elementary School                      1050
Alex Haley Elementary Academy                           635
Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School                 1044
Alexander Graham Elementary School                      477
Alexander Hamilton Elementary School                    386
Alfred Nobel Elementary School                          858
Alice L Barnard Computer Math & Science Ctr ES          309
Ambrose Plamondon Elementary School                     171
Amelia Earhart Options for Knowledge ES                 261
Ames Middle School                                      557
Amos Alonzo Stagg Elementary School                     560
Andrew Carnegie Elementary School                       647
Andrew Jackson Elementary Language Academy              562
Anna R. Langford Community Academy                      413
Annie Keller Elementary Gifted Magnet School            246
Ariel Elementary Community Academy                      551
Arnold Mireles Elementary Academy                       730
Arthur A Libby Elementary School                        512
Arthur Dixon Elementary School                          645
Arthur E Canty Elementary School                        825
Arthur R Ashe Elementary School                         400
Asa Philip Randolph Elementary School                   497
Ashburn Community Elementary School                     469
Augustus H Burley Elementary School                     556
Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy HS         175
Austin Polytechnical Academy High School                205
Avalon Park Elementary School                           260
Back of the Yards IB                                    273
Barbara Vick Early Childhood & Family Center            328
Belmont-Cragin Elementary School                        566
Benito Juarez Community Academy High School             1715
Benjamin E Mays Elementary Academy                      578
Bernhard Moos Elementary School                         466
Beulah Shoesmith Elementary School                      321
Blair Early Childhood Center                            166
Bowen High School                                       517
Bret Harte Elementary School                            342
Brian Piccolo Elementary Specialty School               499
Brighton Park Elementary School                         610
Bronzeville Scholastic Academy High School              500
Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy                    587
Burnside Elementary Scholastic Academy                  695
Calmeca Academy of Fine Arts and Dual Language          784
Carl Schurz High School                                 2487
Carl von Linne Elementary School                        668
Carrie Jacobs Bond Elementary School                    405
Carroll-Rosenwald Specialty Elementary School           501
Carter G Woodson South Elementary School                397
Cesar E Chavez Multicultural Academic Center ES         946
Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy High School        1516
Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School                  312
Charles G Hammond Elementary School                     500
Charles Gates Dawes Elementary School                   1033
Charles H Wacker Elementary School                      253
Charles Kozminski Elementary Community Academy          353
Charles N Holden Elementary School                      541
Charles P Caldwell Academy of Math & Science ES         292
Charles P Steinmetz College Preparatory HS              1888
Charles R Darwin Elementary School                      577
Charles R Henderson Elementary School                   354
Charles S Brownell Elementary School                    253
Charles S Deneen Elementary School                      614
Charles Sumner  Math & Science Community Acad ES        372
Charles W Earle Elementary School                       551
Chicago Academy Elementary School                       599
Chicago Academy High School                             531
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences           654
Chicago Military Academy High School                    407
Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School           1084
Christian Ebinger Elementary School                     738
Christian Fenger Academy High School                    471
Christopher Columbus Elementary School                  288
Clara Barton Elementary School                          586
Claremont Academy Elementary School                     442
Collins Academy High School                             412
Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy                   1065
Countee Cullen Elementary School                        258
Crispus Attucks Elementary School                       183
Crown Community Academy of Fine Arts Center ES          342
Cyrus H McCormick Elementary School                     853
Daniel Boone Elementary School                          773
Daniel C Beard Elementary School                        171
Daniel Hale Williams Prep School of Medicine            295
Daniel J Corkery Elementary School                      611
Daniel R Cameron Elementary School                      815
Daniel S Wentworth Elementary School                    602
Daniel Webster Elementary School                        310
David G Farragut Career Academy High School             1110
DeVry University Advantage Academy HS                   192
Dewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts                   289
DeWitt Clinton Elementary School                        1131
Disney II Magnet High School                            246
Donald Morrill Math & Science Elementary School         812
Douglas Taylor Elementary School                        556
Dr  Martin Luther King  Jr  College Prep HS             849
Dr. Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy ES            1049
Dunne Technology Academy                                294
Durkin Park Elementary School                           587
Dvorak Technology Academy                               526
Dyett High School                                       99
Edgar Allan Poe Elementary Classical School             190
Edgebrook Elementary School                             500
Edison Park Elementary School                           476
Edmond Burke Elementary School                          318
Edward A Bouchet Math & Science Academy ES              668
Edward Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center        1399
Edward Coles Elementary Language Academy                475
Edward Everett Elementary School                        287
Edward Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts            265
Edward K Ellington Elementary School                    751
Edward N Hurley Elementary School                       847
Edward Tilden Career Community Academy HS               342
Edward White Elementary Career Academy                  149
Edwin G Foreman High School                             1518
Eli Whitney Elementary School                           1073
Eliza Chappell Elementary School                        550
Elizabeth H Sutherland Elementary School                730
Ella Flagg Young Elementary School                      1090
Ellen H Richards Career Academy High School             386
Ellen Mitchell Elementary School                        360
Emil G Hirsch Metropolitan High School                  362
Emiliano Zapata Elementary Academy                      943
Emmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy              425
Enrico Tonti Elementary School                          1030
Eric Solorio Academy High School                        1074
Ernst Prussing Elementary School                        694
Esmond Elementary School                                344
Eugene Field Elementary School                          376
Everett McKinley Dirksen Elementary School              781
Evergreen Academy Middle School                         401
Fairfield Elementary Academy                            594
Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School                 879
Ferdinand Peck Elementary School                        1593
Fernwood Elementary School                              298
Florence Nightingale Elementary School                  1385
Fort Dearborn Elementary School                         446
Foster Park Elementary School                           373
Francis M McKay Elementary School                       884
Francis W Parker Elementary Community Academy           734
Francisco I Madero Middle School                        311
Frank I Bennett Elementary School                       416
Frank L Gillespie Elementary School                     536
Frank W Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy         853
Frank W Reilly Elementary School                        1140
Franklin Elementary Fine Arts Center                    375
Franz Peter Schubert Elementary School                  955
Frazier International Magnet Elementary School          254
Frederic Chopin Elementary School                       563
Frederick A Douglass Academy High School                347
Frederick Funston Elementary School                     578
Frederick Stock Elementary School                       240
Frederick W von Steuben Metropolitan Science HS         1696
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Elementary School                 463
Gage Park High School                                   687
Galileo Math & Science Scholastic Academy ES            549
Genevieve Melody Elementary School                      540
George Armstrong International Studies ES               1441
George B McClellan Elementary School                    288
George B Swift Elementary Specialty School              700
George F Cassell Elementary School                      370
George H Corliss High School                            538
George Leland Elementary School                         667
George M Pullman Elementary School                      234
George Manierre Elementary School                       316
George Rogers Clark Elementary School                   268
George W Curtis Elementary School                       624
George W Tilton Elementary School                       433
George Washington Carver Military Academy HS            557
George Washington Carver Primary School                 505
George Washington Elementary School                     840
George Washington High School                           1598
George Westinghouse College Prep                        1141
Gerald Delgado Kanoon Elementary Magnet School          721
Greater Lawndale High School For Social Justice         376
Grover Cleveland Elementary School                      696
Gurdon S Hubbard High School                            1595
Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy HS         789
Hannah G Solomon Elementary School                      355
Hanson Park Elementary School                           1578
Harold Washington Elementary School                     471
Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School                 776
Harriet E Sayre Elementary Language Academy             591
Hawthorne Elementary Scholastic Academy                 566
Helen M Hefferan Elementary School                      407
Helen Peirce International Studies ES                   1024
Helge A Haugan Elementary School                        1174
Henry Clay Elementary School                            582
Henry D Lloyd Elementary School                         1291
Henry H Nash Elementary School                          358
Henry O Tanner Elementary School                        383
Henry R Clissold Elementary School                      549
High School of Leadership at South Shore                176
Hiram H Belding Elementary School                       610
Hope College Preparatory High School                    433
Horace Greeley Elementary School                        645
Horace Mann Elementary School                           405
Hyde Park Academy High School                           1038
Hyman G Rickover Naval Academy High School              514
Ida B Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy              505
Infinity Math Science and Technology High School        439
Inter-American Elementary Magnet School                 675
Ira F Aldridge Elementary School                        234
Irene C. Hernandez Middle School                        924
Irma C Ruiz Elementary School                           883
Irvin C Mollison Elementary School                      506
Isabelle C O'Keeffe Elementary School                   526
Jackie Robinson Elementary School                       112
Jacob Beidler Elementary School                         451
Jacqueline B Vaughn Occupational High School            209
James B Farnsworth Elementary School                    610
James B McPherson Elementary School                     834
James E McDade Elementary Classical School              191
James G Blaine Elementary School                        957
James Hedges Elementary School                          865
James Madison Elementary School                         219
James Monroe Elementary School                          1066
James N Thorp Elementary School                         407
James Otis Elementary School                            622
James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School                  302
James Russell Lowell Elementary School                  641
James Shields Elementary School                         1050
James Shields Middle School                             732
James Wadsworth Elementary School                       467
James Ward Elementary School                            520
James Weldon Johnson Elem School of Excellence          391
Jane A Neil Elementary School                           336
Jane Addams Elementary School                           866
Jean Baptiste Beaubien Elementary School                1184
Jensen Elementary Scholastic Academy                    456
Jesse Sherwood Elementary School                        363
Johann W von Goethe Elementary School                   803
John A Walsh Elementary School                          449
John B Drake Elementary School                          517
John B Murphy Elementary School                         591
John Barry Elementary School                            800
John C Burroughs Elementary School                      516
John C Coonley Elementary School                        737
John C Dore Elementary School                           647
John Charles Haines Elementary School                   668
John D Shoop Math-Science Technical Academy ES          427
John F Eberhart Elementary School                       1602
John F Kennedy High School                              1599
John Fiske Elementary School                            468
John Foster Dulles Elem School of Excellence            746
John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School               358
John H Hamline Elementary School                        654
John H Kinzie Elementary School                         703
John H Vanderpoel Elementary Magnet School              279
John Hancock College Preparatory High School            938
John Harvard Elementary School                          477
John Hay Elementary Community Academy                   556
John J Audubon Elementary School                        588
John J Pershing Elementary Humanities Magnet            447
John L Marsh Elementary School                          876
John M Harlan Community Academy High School             1031
John M Smyth Elementary School                          515
John Marshall Metropolitan High School                  679
John Milton Gregory Elementary School                   439
John Palmer Elementary School                           923
John Spry Elementary Community School                   716
John T McCutcheon Elementary School                     503
John T Pirie Fine Arts & Academic Center ES             385
John W Cook Elementary School                           440
John W Garvy Elementary School                          797
John Whistler Elementary School                         318
Johnnie Colemon Elementary Academy                      282
Jonathan Burr Elementary School                         380
Jonathan Y Scammon Elementary School                    873
Jordan Elementary Community School                      648
Jose De Diego Elementary Community Academy              964
Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez Elementary School             724
Joseph Brennemann Elementary School                     529
Joseph E Gary Elementary School                         1214
Joseph Jungman Elementary School                        264
Joseph Kellman Corporate Community ES                   436
Joseph Lovett Elementary School                         460
Joseph Warren Elementary School                         345
Josephine C Locke Elementary School                     1382
Joshua D Kershaw Elementary School                      266
Josiah Pickard Elementary School                        595
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School                          803
Julia Ward Howe Elementary School                       583
Kate S Kellogg Elementary School                        262
Kelvyn Park High School                                 952
Kenwood Academy High School                             1873
Lake View High School                                   1466
Langston Hughes Elementary School                       577
LaSalle Elementary Language Academy                     553
LaSalle II Elementary Language Academy                  608
Laughlin Falconer Elementary School                     1411
Laura S Ward Elementary School                          663
Lawndale Elementary Community Academy                   476
Lazaro Cardenas Elementary School                       669
Leif Ericson Elementary Scholastic Academy              489
Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center                297
Leslie Lewis Elementary School                          526
Lincoln Park High School                                2287
Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts ES                585
Little Village Elementary School                        858
Logandale Middle School                                 881
Lorenz Brentano Math & Science Academy ES               419
Louis A Agassiz Elementary School                       485
Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School                     804
Louis Pasteur Elementary School                         1193
Louisa May Alcott Elementary School                     526
Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School                  410
Luke O'Toole Elementary School                          410
Luther Burbank Elementary School                        912
Lyman A Budlong Elementary School                       871
Mahalia Jackson Elementary School                       297
Mancel Talcott Elementary School                        537
Manley Career Academy High School                       496
Manuel Perez Elementary School                          344
Marcus Moziah Garvey Elementary School                  276
Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy             1255
Mariano Azuela Elementary School                        947
Marie Sklodowska Curie Metropolitan High School         3086
Marine Military Academy High School                     411
Mark Sheridan Elementary Math & Science Academy         541
Mark Skinner Elementary School                          887
Mark Twain Elementary School                            1206
Marquette Elementary School                             1292
Martha Ruggles Elementary School                        363
Marvin Camras Elementary School                         968
Mary E Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center        649
Mary E McDowell Elementary School                       153
Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School                    854
Mary Lyon Elementary School                             1357
Mary Mapes Dodge Elementary Renaissance Academy         296
Matthew Gallistel Elementary Language Academy           1347
Medgar Evers Elementary School                          376
Melville W Fuller Elementary School                     310
Michael Faraday Elementary School                       371
Michael M Byrne Elementary School                       669
Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School          537
Mildred I Lavizzo Elementary School                     433
Milton Brunson Math & Science Specialty ES              626
Minnie Mars Jamieson Elementary School                  898
Miriam G Canter Middle School                           98
Morgan Park High School                                 1492
Morton Elementary Career Academy                        379
Moses Montefiore Special Elementary School              56
Mount Greenwood Elementary School                       1027
Mount Vernon Elementary School                          276
Multicultural Academy of Scholarship                    295
Myra Bradwell Communications Arts & Sciences ES         783
Nathan Hale Elementary School                           884
Nathan S Davis Elementary School                        903
Nathanael Greene Elementary School                      654
National Teachers Elementary Academy                    540
Neal F Simeon Career Academy High School                1512
New Field Elementary School                             614
Newton Bateman Elementary School                        1028
Nicholas Senn High School                               1205
Nicholson Technology Academy                            577
Ninos Heroes Elementary Academic Center                 406
Norman A Bridge Elementary School                       1047
North River Elementary School                           394
North-Grand High School                                 849
Northside College Preparatory High School               1074
Northside Learning Center High School                   284
Northwest Middle School                                 676
Norwood Park Elementary School                          365
Ogden International High School                         825
Ole A Thorp Elementary Scholastic Academy               846
Oliver S Westcott Elementary School                     416
Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School                 232
Oriole Park Elementary School                           663
Orozco Fine Arts & Sciences Elementary School           612
Orr Academy High School                                 637
Orville T Bright Elementary School                      293
Oscar DePriest Elementary School                        728
Oscar F Mayer Elementary School                         634
Pablo Casals Elementary School                          446
Park Manor Elementary School                            338
Parkside Elementary Community Academy                   276
Patrick Henry Elementary School                         680
Paul Cuffe Math-Science Technology Academy ES           450
Paul Laurence Dunbar Career Academy High School         1223
Paul Revere Elementary School                           299
Paul Robeson High School                                466
Percy L Julian High School                              1094
Perkins Bass Elementary School                          521
Peter A Reinberg Elementary School                      845
Peter Cooper Elementary Dual Language Academy           644
Philip Rogers Elementary School                         761
Phillip D Armour Elementary School                      328
Phillip Murray Elementary Language Academy              525
Phobe Apperson Hearst Elementary School                 368
Phoenix Military Academy High School                    503
Pilsen Elementary Community Academy                     451
Portage Park Elementary School                          1138
Pulaski International School of Chicago                 894
Rachel Carson Elementary School                         1159
Ralph H Metcalfe Elementary Community Academy           522
Ravenswood Elementary School                            510
Ray Graham Training Center High School                  123
Richard Edwards Elementary School                       1465
Richard Henry Lee Elementary School                     870
Richard J Daley Elementary Academy                      691
Richard J Oglesby Elementary School                     438
Richard T Crane Medical Preparatory HS                  160
Richard T Crane Technical Preparatory HS                185
Richard Yates Elementary School                         645
Roald Amundsen High School                              1277
Robert A Black Magnet Elementary School                 483
Robert Fulton Elementary School                         479
Robert Healy Elementary School                          1424
Robert L Grimes Elementary School                       486
Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy HS               1183
Robert Nathaniel Dett Elementary School                 461
Roberto Clemente Community Academy High School          697
Rodolfo Lozano Bilingual & International Ctr ES         292
Roger C Sullivan High School                            742
Ronald Brown Elementary Community Academy               271
Ronald E McNair Elementary School                       382
Rosario Castellanos Elementary School                   598
Roswell B Mason Elementary School                       464
Ruben Salazar Elementary Bilingual Center               407
Rudyard Kipling Elementary School                       397
Rufus M Hitch Elementary School                         585
Salmon P Chase Elementary School                        480
Samuel Gompers Fine Arts Options ES                     518
Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy                             475
Sauganash Elementary School                             563
Scott Joplin Elementary School                          475
Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School              667
Sidney Sawyer Elementary School                         1823
Sir Miles Davis Magnet Elementary Academy               308
Skinner North Classical Elementary School               360
Socorro Sandoval Elementary School                      1123
South Loop Elementary School                            877
South Shore Fine Arts Academy                           495
South Shore International College Prep HS               590
Southside Occupational Academy High School              242
Spencer Technology Academy                              828
Spry Community Links High School                        196
STEM Magnet Academy                                     332
Stephen Decatur Classical Elementary School             287
Stephen F Gale Elementary Community Academy             457
Stephen K Hayt Elementary School                        975
Stephen T Mather High School                            1612
Stone Elementary Scholastic Academy                     628
Suder Montessori Magnet ES                              415
Talman Elementary School                                411
Tarkington School of Excellence ES                      1013
TEAM Englewood Community Academy High School            427
Telpochcalli Elementary School                          316
Theodore Herzl Elementary School                        553
Theodore Roosevelt High School                          1539
Theophilus Schmid Elementary School                     186
Thomas A Edison Regional Gifted Center ES               272
Thomas A Hendricks Elementary Community Academy         264
Thomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School             391
Thomas Drummond Elementary School                       349
Thomas Hoyne Elementary School                          263
Thomas J Higgins Elementary Community Academy           360
Thomas J Waters Elementary School                       664
Thomas Kelly High School                                2553
Thurgood Marshall Middle School                         281
Turner-Drew Elementary Language Academy                 350
Uplift Community High School                            352
Velma F Thomas Early Childhood Center                   155
Virgil Grissom Elementary School                        332
VOISE Academy High School                               338
Walt Disney II Magnet Elementary School                 416
Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School                    1698
Walter L Newberry Math & Science Academy ES             576
Walter Payton College Preparatory High School           837
Walter Q Gresham Elementary School                      304
Walter S Christopher Elementary School                  367
Washington D Smyser Elementary School                   1016
Washington Irving Elementary School                     471
Wells Community Academy High School                     599
Wendell E Green Elementary School                       294
Wendell Phillips Academy High School                    742
Wendell Smith Elementary School                         338
West Park Elementary Academy                            638
West Ridge Elementary School                            749
Whitney M Young Magnet High School                      2205
Wildwood Elementary School                              421
Willa Cather Elementary School                          438
William A Hinton Elementary School                      259
William B Ogden Elementary School                       822
William Bishop Owen Scholastic Academy ES               252
William C Goudy Elementary School                       803
William C Reavis Math & Science Specialty ES            284
William E B DuBois Elementary School                    197
William E Dever Elementary School                       852
William F Finkl Elementary School                       499
William G Hibbard Elementary School                     1222
William H Brown Elementary School                       224
William H Prescott Elementary School                    284
William H Ray Elementary School                         709
William H Ryder Math & Science Specialty ES             419
William H Seward Communication Arts Academy ES          858
William Howard Taft High School                         3261
William J Bogan High School                             1195
William J Onahan Elementary School                      678
William Jones College Preparatory High School           1130
William K New Sullivan Elementary School                480
William P Gray Elementary School                        1314
William P Nixon Elementary School                       1073
William Penn Elementary School                          405
William Rainey Harper High School                       505
William T Sherman Elementary School                     391
William W Carter Elementary School                      423
Wilma Rudolph Elementary Learning Center                104
Wolfgang A Mozart Elementary School                     814
Woodlawn Community Elementary School                    216
World Language Academy High School                      355

 The first day of school was business as usual at Chappell Elementary, right down to the Hello Kitty backpacks.
The first day of school was business as usual at Chappell Elementary, right down to the Hello Kitty backpacks.
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DNAinfo/Patty Wetli