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Central Harlem »

Eight People Shot on National Night Out Against Crime

Four teenagers, ages 14, 17, 18, and 19 were among the victims in four shootings, police said.

New York City »

Police and Residents Mingle at National Night Out Block Parties

National Night Out brought police and residents out to block parties Tuesday aimed at ending violence.

Astoria »

Astoria Lost Half of Its Cops Since 2001, City Councilman Says

Peter Vallone called for more cops in the city amid an increase in crime in the 114th Precinct.

New York City »

24 Struggling Schools Will Keep Their Names, DOE Says

The struggling schools an arbitrator prevented the city from closing will get to keep their names.

West Harlem »

Columbia Gets $15M from City to Help Fund Tech Campus

The city awarded Columbia $15 million to help it build a new engineering school.

Greenwich Village »

Quinn Asks NYU to Boot Chick-fil-A After Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks

After Mayor Bloomberg welcomed the fast-food chain, the council speaker lashes out with a petition.

Concourse »

Bronx Dominican Parade Marches this Sunday

The Bronx's annual celebration of Dominican pride takes place this weekend.  

New York City »

Bloomberg Says Chick-fil-A Welcome in New York Despite Its Anti-Gay Stance

Bloomberg said that governments shouldn't consider political views when issuing permits.

New York City »

Gay Marriage Has Generated $269M to City Economy, Officials Say

Since same-sex marriage became legal in New York, there have been 8,200 weddings and a $259M windfall.

East Village »

Mayor Bloomberg Says Proposed Large Soda Ban Won't be Stopped

Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his controversial large soda ban plan one day before a public hearing.

Williamsburg »

Mayor Bloomberg 'Will Not Tolerate' McCarren Pool Violence

City officials had a 'big meeting' to figure out how to handle ongoing McCarren Pool violence.

Sugar Hill »

Children's Museum and Affordable Housing Complex Breaks Ground

City officials say the project should be a model development.

New York City »

Elementary and Middle School Test Scores Rise, Data Shows

Elementary and middle schools students saw modest test score gains, but city still lags behind state.

New York City »

Board of Elections Approves New Ballot Procedures After Primary Fiasco

From now on, the Board of Elections will use memory sticks to calculate election night results.

New York City »

Bike Share Rollout Delayed

The city's bike share program has been delayed by at least a month.