Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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East New York »

Hundreds of Juvenile Offenders Being Relocated Closer to Home

The Young Men's Initiative aims to improve outcomes for young black and Latino men.

East Harlem »

Protesters Disrupt Affordable Housing Groundbreaking Ceremony

Two protesters disrupted the Artspace PS109 groundbreaking ceremony in East Harlem.

New York City »

NYPD Shrinks To 'Bad Old Days' Size While Bloomberg's City Workforce Grows

There are thousands more city workers than when the mayor took office, but fewer cops.

New York City »

Judge Approves New FDNY Test, Hiring to Begin 'Immediately'

A judge has approved the FDNY's new exam, after previous versions were deemed discrimanatory.

New York City »

Street Renamings Pose a Public Safety Risk, Bloomberg Says

The mayor sympathized Friday about complaints over confusing streets.

Central Harlem »

Harlem Hospital Unveils New $325 Million Pavilion and Historic Murals

The Mural Pavilion houses restored works commissioned by the Works Progress Administration.

Prospect Heights »

Barclays Center Opening is 'Historic Day' for Brooklyn, Officials Say

The Barclays Center made its public debut on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

New York City »

Crime and Homelessness on the Rise, Mayor's Report Shows

The annual Mayor's Management Report showed rises in crime, but also in city tourism.

Central Harlem »

Harlem Breastfeeding Lounge Welcomes Nursing Mothers

Harlem's Lactation Lounge is open to any woman who needs a safe place to breastfeed.

Sugar Hill »

17 Hours of Jackhammering at Affordable Housing Site Jars Sugar Hill

Neighbors say Broadway Housing Communities' project is worthwhile but too noisy.

New York City »

Mayor Orders $2.5 Billion in New Budget Cuts

City agencies are being asked to slash millions from their budgets yet again.

Long Island City »

PCB Leak Reported at Long Island City School

A leak of PCB from an overhead light was reported at I.S. 204.

New York City »

Ban on Large Sodas Rubber-Stamped by Board of Health

In six months drinks larger than 16 ounces will be outlawed in New York City.

Financial District »

9/11 Museum Delays Overshadow Exhibition Preview

The 9/11 Museum held an exhibit preview Monday offsite as money problems have delayed its opening.

Financial District »

Deal Reached to Resume Construction of 9/11 Memorial Museum

On the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, a deal was reached to restart construction on the Memorial Museum.