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Officials Fear Some Damaged Schools May Stay Closed for Rest of Year

As staff and students prepare for Monday, many schools are without power or are hosting evacuees.

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Mayor Bloomberg's Sign-Language Interpreter Returns

Mayor Bloomberg's expressive sign-language interpreter returns to his side.

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Friday's Day of the Dead Celebrations Delayed, Canceled by Hurricane Sandy

Dia de los Muertos celebrations across the city must wait until power and transit is restored.

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Con Ed Restores Power to Sections of Outer Boroughs Affected by Sandy

Customers in Lower Manhattan, however, were still waiting for electricity Friday morning.

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New York City Marathon to Run as Critics Question Timing

Some residents fear the city is diverting resources from responding to the hurricane.

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Bloomberg Endorses President Obama

Following Hurricane Sandy, Bloomberg has endorsed Obama for re-election.

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City Shutters Dozens of Hurricane Shelters Ahead of Schools Reopening

Evacuees from Hurricane Sandy were sent to 15 remaining shelters around the city.

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How to Escape Manhattan Before Dark

Shuttle buses taking commuters into Brooklyn will run 24 hours, even through Lower Manhattan.

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Downtown Apartments to Get Power by Saturday

Power is slowly starting to come back across New York City.

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Bloomberg Restricts Traffic on Bridges to Cars With 3 or More Passengers

Drivers will be forced to carpool if they want to enter Manhattan.

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Downtown Could Stay Dark Through Saturday, ConEd Warns

ConEd began restoring power in the city, but it will take a few more days to turn the lights back on.

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Coney Island Hospital Evacuates Patients

Coney Island Hospital becomes the latest hospital to close due to 'storm-related conditions.'

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Water Coming Out of Taps is Safe to Drink, Bloomberg Says

Water has been given an extra shot of chlorine, but is safe to drink, Bloomberg said.

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911 Call System Overloaded As City Urges People to Stay Off the Roads

Taxis were urged to stop pickups to keep the roads clear as Sandy's winds pound city.