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Here's the Apartment of the Future: It's Efficient and Affordable

Get a glimpse of City Tech's eco-model home before it ships off to an international solar house contest.

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How Much Will Your Home Renovation Cost? (Hint: More Than You Think)

Kitchens start at $30,000 and bathrooms start at $20,000, according to experts.

East Village »

The Boomerang Tenant: Returning to the Apartment You Once Loved

For some New Yorkers, finding a new place to live means heading back to your old apartment building.

Williamsburg »

Rental Prices Dip in North Brooklyn's Older Units as Luxe Developments Soar

Rents for new developments rise in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, but not for older units, brokers say.

Upper East Side »

These Boutique Businesses Help City Families Flee to the Suburbs

More city residents move to the 'burbs than vice versa and luxury firms are helping fuel the pipeline.

Greenwich Village »

Is Your Home Toxic? NYC Lab Works to Expose Unsafe Building Materials

The Healthy Material Labs, led by Parsons, is focusing on safer, more affordable building products.

Upper West Side »

Rent-Controlled Tenants Not Covered by City's Historic Rent Freeze

Rent-controlled tenants face as much as 7.5 percent annual rent increases, despite a touted rent freeze.

Williamsburg »

Loft Tenants Get Another Shot at Legalizing Their Homes

Albany re-opened Loft Law applications, creating a path for illegal lofts to become rent stabilized.

Park Slope »

Here's Why Brokers Say Staging Your Home Will Help It Sell Faster

Staging apartments has become critical for selling homes fast and for higher prices, brokers say.

Upper West Side »

6 Tips for Evaluating Local Schools Before Moving

If you're looking to relocate to a better school district, here's how you should do your research.

TriBeCa »

How Not to Kill All Your Plants: Green Thumb Advice for Your Apartment

Get some plant life into your apartment with a little help from the experts.

Central Harlem »

Bidding Wars: Bigger Price Jumps and Faster Deals Are Trending, Brokers Say

Brokers are seeing buyers bid in increments of $50,000 and $100,000 when homes are priced "well."

Gowanus »

Big Furniture, Tiny Spaces: The Eternal Struggle of Moving in NYC

Fitting big furniture in tiny NYC apartments is rarely easy, but that doesn't stop people from trying.

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MAP: See the Most Popular Neighborhoods for Working From Home

More New Yorkers are opting to work from home and in co-working spaces.

Greenpoint »

How Schools' French Dual-Language Programs Are Changing NYC Neighborhoods

Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint and other areas attract families to their French dual language programs.