News Editor

News Editor

Job Requirements:

  • At least three years experience working in a digital newsroom.
  • Excellent editing skills. Not only should you catch every typo, but you should also make clunky sentences sing and murky stories clear.
  • Solid news judgment formed in the crucible of deadline pressure.
  • A Twitter following (are you following us?) and an Instagram account (are you following us?).
  • Experience working with reporters of various levels of skill and experience and turning them into heavy-hitters.
  • Deep knowledge of New York City and how to find stories here.

Do NOT apply if:

  • You think "over" and "more than" are interchangeable.
  • You think a three-sentence lede is totally cool.
  • You've never cracked open your AP Style Guide or Strunk & White.
  • You think Strunk & White is a law firm.

If you think you're a match and want to join the most talented and exciting news team in New York, send your resume, clips and other relevant material to editorialjobs@dnainfo.com.