Project to Expand Lakeside Park Will Split Bicyclists and Runners on Trail

The new path will split bicyclists and runners at Fullerton Avenue and LSD, but only for 600 feet.

Homicide Charge Dropped for Alleged Drunk Driver Who Killed Cyclist

Several aggravated DUI charges still stand. Cyclist Bobby Cann was killed riding home from work in 2013.

Final Call for Hydrangeas as Finkl Demolition Nears End, Guard Says

A Bucktown garden, suburban school and Gold Coast park have all been beautified by 'Finkl flowers.'

DePaul Should Give Arena Naming Rights Money to CPS: Petition

The arena was first proposed in 2013, just days before the city closed 49 public schools. 

It's Cicada Killer Wasp Season But Don't Worry, They're Mostly Harmless

Unless you're a cicada, of course. They also do a number on your lawn when they burrow.

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