2 Miles Offshore, Peregrine Falcons Thrive on Chicago's Manmade Islands

The raptors are living, breeding and hatching chicks on two of the four offshore water intake islands.

Chicago Is Obsessed With 'The Simpsons,' And Here Are Pics That Prove It

When Chicagoans are passionate about something, they make it known. And they love "The Simpsons."

Hot Doug Sausages Will Now Be Sold at Wrigley Field

After closing his Avondale restaurant, Doug Sohn is bringing his famous dogs to the Friendly Confines.

Boystown Party Company Changes 'Savages' Party Name After Backlash

Organizers said the party will take place during Market Days at Metro Chicago.

Post-Pride Parade Event on Halsted Proposed To Keep Troublemakers Out

Business owners credited police with doing a "tremendous job" of controlling crowds.

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