Subway Attack

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Columbus Circle »

The performer was arguing with another passenger when the bottle was thrown, police said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police are looking for a female suspect between 15 and 17 years old, they said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police say the man grabbed the woman's throat and pushed her against a wall.

Times Square & Theater District »

The conductor was in a train at the 49th Street station near Seventh Avenue when the attack occurred.

Times Square & Theater District »

The man followed the victim into the 49th Street station before punching her in the head, police said. 

Columbus Circle »

Alexis Quinones, 23, was arrested and charged with assault and harassment, authorities said.

Midtown »

“You f----ng b----, you flipped me off,” the attacker said to the woman, according to police.

Times Square & Theater District »

The panhandler punched the man and slammed his head into a wall, police said.

Flatiron »

Cleveland Gibbs, 47, punched the woman in the face without provocation, police said.

Longwood »

The attack took place at the Simpson Street station on Jan. 30 around 5:10 a.m., police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The passenger pulled the woman's hair and scratched her face, police said.

Chelsea »

Police are searching for a 40 to 50 year old bald man with brown eyes in connection with the assault.

Midtown »

The 22-year-old suspect left her wallet on the train platform, police said.

Times Square & Theater District »

Aside from the chocolate bar attack, Eliexer Reyes punched the victim eight times in the face.

Crown Heights »

The suspect asked, "What are you looking at?" then hit a man in the Crown Heights station, police said.