Police Shooting

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East New York »

The man was believed to have a gun, an NYPD spokesman said.

Crown Heights »

He was shot on Montgomery Street after fleeing a car crash, officials said.

East Harlem »

Tyrone Howard was sentenced to 12 years for violating a plea agreement. 

Bed-Stuy »

Altron Atwater and two teens tried to hold up an undercover NYPD detective, police said.

East Harlem »

Police released surveillance video of three men wanted for questioning in the Oct. 20 shooting.

East Harlem »

Residents should be outraged a police officer was gunned down near their development, activists said.

East Harlem »

Officer Randolph Holder, 33, was shot and killed chasing the suspected gang member at East 102nd Street.

Fort Greene »

The suspects opened fire on the car near Park Avenue, officials said.

Coney Island »

Oleg Tcherniak slashed the officer after knocking an elderly man to the ground, sources said.

Flatbush »

The sergeant had found men stripping a car before he was threatened with a knife, police said.

Fordham »

The officers were responding to a domestic violence call when the teen shot at them, police said.

East Harlem »

Officers had seen Wilvinson Diaz shoot a 21-year-old man, officials said.

Midtown »

Police believe the man attacked four people with a hammer in Manhattan this week.

Midtown »

David Baril's neighbors said his mental health had been deteriorating for years. 

Civic Center »

The gun was stolen with 23 other weapons from a bait and tackle shop in Perry, Georgia, police said.