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Jamaica »

Debra Blackwell said the driver hit her, moved her shopping cart, and then sped away.

East New York »

Yvette Molina, 56, was killed Thursday while trying to get into her car near Stanley Avenue, police said

Ditmars »

Nicholas Colleran was sentenced to up to four years in prison for the crash that killed Betty DiBiasio.

Bed-Stuy »

Sean Benz, 27, was struck by two cars while riding his bike on Atlantic and Bedford avenues in October.

Flushing »

She was hit in Flushing near Main Street and Kissena Boulevard, police said.

Ocean Hill »

Paul Roper, 48, had been arrested three times over the past decade, according to reports.

Flushing »

Mariano Contreras, 41, died after being hit by a Jeep whose driver fled the scene, police said.

Forest Hills »

Milan Aracena turned herself in to police earlier this week, according to court documents.

Borough Park »

A 59-year-old woman was killed while crossing a Brooklyn street Sunday. 

Upper West Side »

A driver crashed into another car, injuring two people, and then took off on foot, police said.

Central Harlem »

The cyclist, who was hit on 145th Street, was taken to Harlem Hospital, police said.

Upper East Side »

The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition, with injuries to her head.

Ditmars »

Residents want speed bumps and possibly a traffic light near where a 21-year-old was killed last month.

Bushwick »

The 46-year-old woman was struck by a private sanitation truck Thursday night, authorities said.

Ditmars »

Nicholas Colleran, the driver of a hit-and-run, said he had two beers and panicked, the DA said.