domestic assault

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Jamaica »

Jose Bernazard shot Officer Joseph Koch after he happened upon the assault on Father's Day in 2013.

Melrose »

Henry Maldonado stabbed himself in the chest inside the burning apartment, police said.

Chinatown »

The woman was critically injured in the Knickerbocker Village domestic assault, officials said.

Williamsbridge »

Rafael Herrera shot his wife, Yadira Perea Saavedra, police said.

Bedford Park »

Diomedes Valenzuela, 51, was arrested in New Jersey and their daughter was unharmed, police said. 

South Jamaica »

Larry Roberts faces charges of assault, endangering the welfare of a child and harassment, police said.

Washington Heights »

Edena Hines was fatally stabbed by her boyfriend during a deranged exorcism Sunday, police said.

Claremont Village »

Arthur Meredith shot a woman in the stomach but the child was unharmed, police and family said.

Elmhurst »

Police are offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to his capture, police said.

Bushwick »

Nicholas Diaz, 81, killed Kevin Rivera during a domestic dispute in Bushwick, police said.

East New York »

The man shot his wife and stepson in their home on Pennsylvania and Vandalia avenues.

Ridgewood »

The family was fighting in the Ridgewood home before the father shot them, police said.

Concourse »

Kristal Delvalle declined to testify before a grand jury at a court appearance on Thursday.

Concourse »

Kristal Delvalle, 23, was ordered held without bail on Tuesday night.

Concourse Village »

Kristal Delvalle stabbed Norberto Cruz-Valentin to death in their Concourse Village home, police said.