animal abuse

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Upper West Side »

The 45-year-old fatally beat the dog after the woman brought it to his apartment, prosecutors said.

Forest Hills »

Carlos Hernandez was fighting with his girlfriend when he threw her dog on the floor, the DA said. 

New Brighton »

Luthman Sefu and Scott Perlmutter were charged with prohibition of animal fighting, prosecutors said.

St. George »

District Attorney Michael McMahon announced the dedicated unit Wednesday.

Gowanus »

Rabbits were outside during this weekend's cold snap, according to a Humane Society official.

Bed-Stuy »

Joseph the Shih Tzu was missing fur and covered in fleas when he was found, shelter workers said.

Hunts Point »

Rufus, Butters and Misty are now with the ASPCA and will not have to be put down, police said.

East Harlem »

Police arrested a man for trying to beat up his neighbor with a bat and hitting his dog instead.

Bayside »

Ginger was stolen after two men punched her owner as she was walking the dog Sunday night.

New Springville »

Irene Helale was given a conditional discharge and ordered to reimburse the ASPCA for vet bills.

Crown Heights »

The injured dog was alive when animal rescuers found her in Crown Heights Sunday night, they said.

St. George »

Donovan announced a program aimed at decreasing animal abuse cases in the borough.

Bay Terrace (Staten Island) »

Nearly 100 protesters demanded Alsu Ivanchenko be held accountable for tossing her dog out of a window.

Bay Terrace (Staten Island) »

A  6-month-old Maltese Shih Tzu was found near Staten Island's Bay Terrace train station.

St. Albans »

Dogs with scarred faces and a covered pit were found on 196th Street, police said.