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Civic Center »

The protesters marched in support of victims of police violence.

Union Square »

Protesters marched out of Union Square chanting, "Hands Up Don't Shoot!" 

Union Square »

One man was arrested for hitting an NYPD officer while protesting police shootings, police said.

Upper East Side »

The new printers allow customers to design and create their own gummies.

Union Square »

Good Humor giving away frozen treats tomorrow at Union Square. 

East Williamsburg »

Would you rather have a full or a partial shutdown of L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn?

Midtown South »

The victim grabbed the suspect's knife by the blade and was cut across the hand, police said.

Union Square »

Would you eat an endive on the train? Why or why not. Please tell us!

Union Square »

Five men were arrested for taking upskirt photos in one warm week in March, authorities said.

Union Square »

The bust, created by Lionel Smit and based on the Roman god Janus, is awaiting Parks approval.

Union Square »

The founders of Ben & Jerry's will be giving out free Bernie Sanders-themed ice cream at 5 p.m.

Union Square »

Don't worry if you see torn-up concrete and crushed benches in Union Square on Tuesday.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

The woman snapped the suspect's picture as he slept, then handed it in to the police department.

Midtown »

The building housing Bergdorf Goodman is historically and architecturally significant, LPC ruled.

Union Square »

New Yorkers say they're being extra cautious after a recent wave of seemingly random slashings.