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Astoria »

DNAinfo Launches Twitter Feed for Queens Readers

DNAinfoQNS will join DNAinfo to bring you the best news from the city and your borough.

Union Square »

'Sharknado' Frenzy Swimming to Union Square Movie House

Regal Union Square Stadium 14 is one of 200 cinemas participating in a midnight screening of "Sharknado."

Astoria »

Street Artist Scatters Free Works of Art Around Astoria

A street artist is covering Astoria with small works of art, prompting an art treasure hunt on Twitter.

Rossville »

'Boat Graveyard' Draws British Tourists to Staten Island

The city recently added the graveyard, which houses dozens of unused ships, to a British tourism guide.

Midtown »

Amanda Bynes Plans to Sue NYPD After Bong-Throwing Arrest

The actress claims cops illegally entered her apartment and lied about her having drugs.

Morningside Heights »

Quinn Discusses History of Bulimia and Alcoholism at Barnard College

The City Council Speaker opened up to Barnard College students at a talk on Tuesday.

East Village »

Veganism, Twitter and 105 Years of Food Defines St. John's of 12th St.

John's of 12th Street, an Italian restaurant founded in 1908, has kept pace with East Village whims.

New York City »

Anthony Weiner Says More Scandalous Pics May Pop Up

Weiner reportedly told an interviewer he "can’t say" whether reporters could find more pictures.

New York City »

Anthony Weiner Creates New Twitter Handle After Scandal

Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner launched @anthonyweiner, nearly two years after "Weinergate."

New York City »

Anthony Weiner Hopes to Rise Again With Run for Mayor

"It’s now or maybe never for me," Weiner said in an extensive interview.

New York City »

FDNY Commissioner's Son Steps Down After Racist Tweets

Salvatore Cassano's son Joseph has resigned, sources said.

New York City »

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Still Has Eye on City Hall

Jack Dorsey told 60 Minutes that he'd still like to run for mayor of New York someday.

Forest Hills »

Forest Hills Cops Turn to Social Media After Car Break-in Spree

The 112th Precinct has set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Clinton Hill »

Pratt Fire Was An Accident, FDNY Tweets

Electrical wires caused Pratt's sixth floor Main Building fire, according to the FDNY.

New York City »

Bloomberg Brightens Emergency Weather Briefings With Eye-Catching Sweaters

Mayor Michael Bloomberg often dons colorful sweaters during weather emergency updates.