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5 Things I Learned from #Egypt #Tunisia #Bahrain #Libya...

Sree Sreenivasan on lessons about journalism, social media and more.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Washington Heights Man Lives His Dream of Reading to Unborn Babies

A dream led Elvin Freytes to try to build "MaJenDome," a movement of expectant dads reading to their unborn babies.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

'Colbert Report' to Film Segment at Upper East Side Bar Thursday Night

Crew members from the "Colbert Report" will interview Bar-Coastal patrons on Thursday night, according to the bar.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

NYU Fellow Nir Rosen Resigns After Bashing Lara Logan on Twitter

Journalist and NYU Fellow, Nir Rosen resigned from his position and apologized profusely via Twitter on Wednesday.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Twitter User Trash Talks 30 Lincoln Plaza

Someone is using Twitter to wage an online war against management at 30 Lincoln Plaza.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Inwood Residents Dream and Tweet About Slurpees

Inwood was abuzz about Slurpees after a sign on Dyckman Street announced that 7-Eleven is coming soon.

Manhattan »

A Digital Valentine's Day

Sree Sreenivasan lists ways to say "I Love You" online.

Midtown & Theater District »

Rachel Sterne Attracts a Crowd at Social Media Week

The city's new Chief Digital Officer confirmed she is in discussion with Facebook about a potential partnership.

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Ivanka Trump's Alleged Stalker Too Poor to Appear in Court, Lawyer Says

Alleged Ivanka Trump stalker Justin Massler can't afford the plane fare to get to court.

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Kenneth Cole Eats Crow Over 'Insensitive' Egypt Tweet

The fashion designer apologized for his tweet, which caused uproar around throughout the social media world.

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Mayor Bloomberg Talks To Facebook About City Site

"There’s a lot of potential there," Mayor Bloomberg told reporters about a partnership with the social network.

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Dozens Charged With Stealing From Apple Stores in $1M Credit Card Scam

The alleged scammers made Macbook and iPod purchases at Apple stores around the country using stolen credit card numbers, according to the indictment.

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Jimmy Fallon Show Tweeting to Fill Seats Due to Storms

The malaise of winter storms may have one fringe benefit — easier access to tapings of some late night talk shows.

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Ten Things I Learned from Two Months on Foursquare

Sree Sreenivasan explores the popular social media tool.

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City Appoints First Chief Digital Officer

Rachel Sterne will be paid $115,000 a year to help the city enter the social media age.