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Williamsburg »

TLC Explains E-Hail Rules After Rider Says Cabbie Booted Her for Uber Fare

An editor at the Guardian got into a Twitter back-and-forth with an Uber manager after the incident. 

Upper West Side »

De Blasio's Pedestrian Crash Prevention Plan Includes Taxi 'Black Boxes'

The mayor's "Vision Zero" plan includes street redesign and stricter penalties for reckless driving.

Upper West Side »

Councilwoman Pushes Law to Yank Cabbies' Licenses After Pedestrian Crashes

Helen Rosenthal is calling for an automatic taxi driver license suspension after a pedestrian accident.

Upper West Side »

UWS Leaders Demand Stricter Penalties for Drivers Who Hit Pedestrians

CB7 is calling for automatic license revocation for anyone who injures or kills someone while driving. 

Upper West Side »

Family of 9-Year-Old Killed by Taxi Wants Cabbie's License Yanked

Cooper Stock's family wants the city to take the cabdriver who killed the boy off the road.

Richmond Hill »

Woman Struck and Killed by SUV Steps from Her Jamaica Home, NYPD Says

Mosa Khatun, 38, was killed in Jamaica Hills two days after a cabbie died in a crash in Richmond Hill.

East Elmhurst »

Cabbie Stripped of License After Harassing Female Passenger

Mirza Baig lost his license after telling a female passenger she had a "nice a--."

Civic Center »

Judge Strikes Down Plans to Roll Out 'Taxi of Tomorrow'

Bloomberg overstepped legal bounds by ordering taxi owners to buy only one vehicle, a judge ruled.

Brownsville »

Cabbie Fatally Stabbed in Eye With Umbrella Was Father of Five, Family Said

Orji-Ama Uro, killed late Thursday afternoon, was "dedicated" to his work and kids, his family said.

Long Island City »

Counterfeit Parts Supplied to Queens Taxi Warehouse

Three men were charged with trying to pass off the generic parts as brand name goods, officials said.

Jackson Heights »

Gas Station Owned by Taxi Tycoon Hoards Fuel for Cabs Only

A gas station in Jackson Heights is refusing to sell to anyone but cabs.

New York City »

Taxis and Livery Cabs Return to Normal Rules Following Sandy

Taxis won't give shared rides and liveries can't take street hails or work in lower Manhattan anymore.

New York City »

Cabbies Caught Price Gouging Amid Sandy Mayhem

City residents say cabs are charging exorbitant rates or are refusing service all together.

New York City »

TLC Launches Dispatch System for Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs

The system would provide accessible cabs on demand for people with disabilities.

New York City »

Taxi Fares Hike Starts Today

The average taxi ride will cost 17 percent more starting Tuesday.

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