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New Dorp »

Former NYPD Officer Arrested Again For Attacks on Ex Girlfriend, Police Say

Manuel DaSilva was arrested on his third domestic violence charge this summer against the same woman. 

St. George »

Firefighter Busted for Sharing Child Pornography: NYPD

Scott Trivolis was charged on Wednesday with possessing and sharing child pornography. 

Travis »

Deer Hunter Becomes First Ever Arrested for Poaching in City, Officials Say

David Oakes was caught wearing camouflage gear and carrying a bow and arrow, investigators said.

West Brighton »

Man Punches NYPD Officer in Face at St. Pat's Parade, Prosecutors Say

Nicholas McGowan, 19, punched an officer in the face and crushed his glasses, police said.

St. George »

Staten Island DA Recuses Himself More Than Any Other NYC Prosecutor

Daniel Donovan recused himself from 23 cases in the past two years because of his or his office's ties.

Bay Terrace (Staten Island) »

Protesters Demand Jail Time for Woman Accused of Throwing Dog Out of Car

Nearly 100 protesters demanded Alsu Ivanchenko be held accountable for tossing her dog out of a window.

Grasmere »

Staten Island Nanny Pleads Guilty After Video Shows Her Hitting Two Babies

Nanny cam footage showed Mamura Nasirova, 52, smacking one infant in the face while trying to feed her.

Stapleton »

'Blue Fairy' Among 32 Arrested in Staten Island Drug Bust, Police Say

Police recovered hundreds of pills, four guns and $17,000 in cash in the bust, the NYPD said