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City Council Education Chair Opposes Mayor’s Choice for Schools Chancellor

Councilman Robert Jackson urged state officials to deny Cathie Black a waiver that is required for her certification.

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Bloomberg Picked Education Chief Without Considering Other Candidates, Says Report

The Mayor chose Cathie Black to take over as Education Commissioner without interviewing, or even questioning, anybody else.

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Mayor Bloomberg Says Daughter Fine After Horse Riding Fall

The Mayor's daughter has cracked vertebrae - but doctors think they may be from earlier falls.

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Elected Officials Irate Over Appointment of Cathie Black as Chancellor

City councilman called Bloomberg's choice for the new public school chancellor 'a disgrace.'

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Bloomberg Says U.S. Leaders Can't Read, Don't Know Where China Is

New York's mayor claims voters elected new politicians whose ignorance could land the USA in a trade war with China.

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Survey Contradicts Primary Day Complaints About New Voting Machines

A Board of Elections survey says a majority of New Yorkers thought the new voting machines worked well.

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Bloomberg on Letterman Says Being Governor is a Terrible Job

Mayor Bloomberg appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman.

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Undercover Building Inspectors Bust Dozens of Landlords Using Craigslist

Undercover city inspectors, answering ads in Craigslist, found dozens of apartments that were in such bad condition they posed an immediate hazard to tenants.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Imposes City Hiring Freeze

The mayor is reportedly briefing city agencies Tuesday on a citywide hiring freeze.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Has Worn Two Pairs of Work Shoes for 10 Years

The mayor reportedly prefers Italian loafers and has been wearing the same two pairs for 10 years.

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Mayor Confuses Health Czar With Predecessor and Times Columnist

Mayor Bloomberg confused Health Commissioner Thomas Farley with Thomas Frieden and Thomas Friedman.

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New York Smokers Fume Over Plan to Ban Cigarettes From Parks, Plazas

Local smokers said the new plan to ban them from parks and beaches is draconian, but non-smokers love the idea.

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9/11 First Responders Rally on Capitol Hill to Support 'Zadroga Act'

The bill would set aside billions of dollars for 9/11 responders' health and living expenses.

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Michael Bloomberg Continues to Blast, and Defend, Koran Burning Plan

Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped up rhetoric against a pastor's threats to burn korans on the anniversary of Sept. 11.