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City Officials Broker Deal to Stop Drastic Cuts to City Services

The council reached a deal to save cuts to services including fire departments, ACS and senior services.

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Bloomberg Praises Clean-Up Chief Despite Blizzard Disaster

Bloomberg praised Department of Sanitation chief John Doherty for his handling of the storm's aftermath.

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Mayor Bloomberg Admits City Could Have Handled Blizzard Better

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to come under fire Wednesday for the city's sluggish response to Sunday's blizzard.

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Mayor Delays Signing Bill Authorizing Sidewalk ATM Crackdown

The bill would levy steep fines for property owners who allow sidewalk ATMs outside their buildings.

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Cathie Black Critics Vow to Continue Opposition

Critics of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's pick for schools chancellor are promising lawsuits and more rallies.

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NYC Fire Deaths on Pace for Record Low, Report Says

With only 56 fire deaths so far this year, the 2010 tally could beat last year's record low of 73 deaths.

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City to Deploy Mobile Team to Secure More Organ Donations

Doctors looking to preserve organ donations will respond alongside Bellevue ambulances.

Midtown & Theater District »

Stars Thrill the Crowd at Rockefeller Center's Tree Lighting Ceremony

The star-studded lineup included Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow, Boyz II Men and Annie Lennox.

Harlem »

Protesters Demand Mayor's Choice of Schools Chief be Rejected

Opponents plan to challenge any waiver exemption given to Cathie Black allowing her to become Schools Chancellor.

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Chris Christie Supports 7 Train Extension to New Jersey

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he would consider a plan to bring the New York City Subway to Secaucus.

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Mayor Bloomberg Cuts Budget, Carbs For Inmates

A new budget cut would give inmates six slices of bread per day instead of eight.

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Manhattan Parking to Become Pricier Under Plans for Meter Raises

The city proposes to raise fares depending on location and time of day, according to a report.

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Mayor Announces $1.6 Billion Cuts to City Services

Cuts include 6,166 teaching positions, 350 civilian police positions and layoffs at numerous departments.

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Mayor Asks State Education Dept. to Waive Job Requirements for Cathie Black

Mayor Bloomberg asked that Cathie Black's requirement for education experience be waived so she can be chancellor.

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Mayor Bloomberg Lobbies Republican Senators in Support of 9/11 Health Care Bill

The mayor went to Washington DC Tuesday to try to get more votes for the Zadroga bill in the Senate.