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Bensonhurst »

He tried to steal a gun from a glass case, but fled empty-handed, police said.

Chelsea »

The 19-year-old tried to leave the store with berries, chicken and other groceries, police said.

Upper East Side »

The teen took the taxi back to his East Harlem home after stealing the phone, police said.

Chelsea »

The doorman had told the man to stop relieving himself in front of the building, police said.

Tremont & East Tremont »

The teens shoved the clerk as they fled, leaving her with a concussion, police said.

Upper East Side »

An employee tried to walk out of the store without paying for various merchandise, police said.

Financial District »

The man also tried to steal 15 packs of Newport cigarettes and 19 packs of Orbit gum, police said.

South Ozone Park »

Eric Love bought plane tickets to enter the airport's terminal to steal high-end goods, officials said. 

South Ozone Park »

Eric Love, who's been arrested 50 times, stole fragrances and Fitbits, officials said.

Midtown South »

“I’m going to stab you. I have HIV,” he told security guards, according to prosecutors.

Upper East Side »

Basel Hasan was arrested for shoplifting from the store three times, police said.

Port Richmond »

Tyreek Wilson is still on the lam after the March 27 crash that broke a boy's legs, officials say.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Both would-be thieves were arrested before they managed to get away, the NYPD said.

Upper East Side »

The man is wanted for nine thefts at eight different Duane Reades stores across Manhattan, police said.

Heartland Village »

Susan Boimal also stole garlic, razor blades, sausage and swimming gear, police said.