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Breezy Point »

Staten Island, Orthodox Brooklyn and parts of Queens supported Trump for President.

Jamaica »

Hillary Clinton urged supporters to respect the president elect and continue fighting for her causes.

Midtown »

Some New Yorkers celebrated Donald Trump's ascendency to the presidency, while many were stunned.

Jackson Heights »

Advocates plan to monitor polling sites in neighborhoods with large immigrant populations, they said.

Midtown »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged New York Republicans to abandon Trump.

Midtown »

Three staffers were decontaminated after the envelope was opened in the Midtown office, police said.

Midtown »

Let DNAinfo guide you through the New York primary election on April 19.

Upper East Side »

Bloomberg said he couldn't risk that his candidacy would make it easier for Trump or Cruz to win.

Downtown Brooklyn »

The presidential candidate is expected to address the conference on Tuesday via video conference.

Concourse »

Find out what races are contested and where to vote before polls close at 9 p.m.

Midtown »

GOP debate ratings boost; Mr. Stewart goes to Washington; #NursesUnite; The "Duck Army" returns.

Washington Heights »

Room 28 and the Voto Latino Action Network produced a music video called "I Won't Vote for Trump."

Jamaica »

Councilman Eric Ulrich said the name should be removed after Trump’s attacks on John McCain. 

Crown Heights »

Menachem Raitport is running as the only Republican candidate in Brooklyn's 43rd Assembly District.

Civic Center »

A GOP spokesman said the poster depicts Al Sharpton as someone with control over de Blasio.