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Williamsburg »

The man passed out on his floor with the door to his apartment open.

Williamsburg »

Police are asking for help identifying the man who they say attacked a stranger on Feb. 13.

Williamsburg »

The victim only had a vague memory of meeting the man, police said.

Williamsburg »

Janet McLean, 33 was stealing from hip-hop producer Robert Cummins for months, police said.

East Williamsburg »

The shadow a Williamsburg woman saw crawling across her bedroom floor wasn't her imagination after all.

Chelsea »

The NBA player refused to take a picture with the fan, then attacked he insulted him, police said. 

Downtown Brooklyn »

Adams met with NYPD officials and representatives for almost two dozen local venues Friday afternoon.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Allen Murdaugh, 38, admitted to setting fire in the 50th street bank, according to police.

Chelsea »

A thief made off with nearly $5,000 worth of items from the unlocked bus while the band was performing.

Chelsea »

The fight happened at 5:00 a.m. on Sunday inside the Chelsea Square Restaurant, police said.

Columbus Circle »

The incident happened on Sunday at Columbus Circle, police said. 

Chelsea »

Queens man wracked up thousands at the club No. 8 on 16th St. then couldn't pay, prosecutors say.

Midtown »

The jeweler's 38-year-old son reported the missing items to police on Monday.

Crown Heights »

The police SUV was parked outside the 71st Precinct at the time of the incident, police said.

Carroll Gardens »

The city's police force would rather you didn't.