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Jamaica »

The teen was riding a motorbike when he was hit by an SUV. 

Hunts Point »

Rosa Ramirez, a mother of five, was fatally struck on the Bruckner Expressway, police and family said.

Hunts Point »

Rosa Ramirez was going to be taken off life support Thursday, five days after she was hit, family said.

Longwood »

The victim was crossing the expressway when a motorcycle rider hit her and drove off, police said.

Brownsville »

Terrance Smith fatally struck Michael Joefield in Brownsville Saturday night, police said.

Port Richmond »

Tyreek Wilson is still on the lam after the March 27 crash that broke a boy's legs, officials say.

West Brighton »

A 13-year-old boy broke both his legs when he was hit while walking with his brother, sources said.

East New York »

She may have suffered a broken leg along with injuries to her arm, pelvis and torso, police said.

Prospect Park South »

Police later located the driver, who said he didn't realize he'd hit the woman on Caton Avenue.

Garment District »

The black van hit the barber outside his shop and kept driving, police said.

Williamsburg »

He was hit at Grand and Lorimer streets and pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital, police said.

East New York »

Tedangelo Jerome fatally struck another man before ditching his car and fleeing the scene, police said.

Hunts Point »

Waseem Al Najjar, 10, was hit by a vehicle on Monday morning in Hunts Point, police said.

Wakefield »

Orlando Savino, 72, was struck and killed by a driver who fled the scene Thursday, police said.

Upper West Side »

They were hit while trying to cross Amsterdam Avenue, NYPD officials said.