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Upper East Side »

The teen took the taxi back to his East Harlem home after stealing the phone, police said.

Times Square & Theater District »

"Do you feel safe?" Richard Rojas threatened a man days before driving into a crowd, police said.

Chelsea »

The passenger hit the woman's window and kicked the front of her car, police said.

Ridgewood »

NYPD Lt. Mary Kate Mullan, 44, was charged with drunk driving Wednesday morning, police said.

Chelsea »

He was arrested at the corner of 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue, police said.

Upper East Side »

The woman left her bag carrying the gold watch unattended as she got her nails done, police said.

Upper East Side »

Carlton Wilson and Gregory Beaubron were arrested for driving while intoxicated, police said.

Murray Hill »

Noel Reyes was charged with DWI after he drove his vehicle onto the sidewalk on Halloween, police said.

Arden Heights »

Dennis White, 39, of Crown Heights, died after a three car crash on the West Shore Expressway.

Long Island City »

Hitesh Arora, 39, was suspended following his arrest Sunday night in Long Island City, officials said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The woman got annoyed when the driver asked her to get out of the car at her destination, the NYPD said.

Crown Heights »

Jarrett Dill, 36, was arrested for drunk driving after colliding with a motorcycle, police said.

Canarsie »

Kings County Assistant District Attorney Chrismy Sagaille, 31, was stopped after running a red light.

Concord »

Norman Williams lost control and hit a pole on Fingerboard Road on Monday, police said.

Charleston »

Anthony Occhinero, 25, was charged with DWI on Saturday, prosecutors said.