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Kensington »

The new signal at East Eighth Street and Caton Avenue is one of several local safety upgrades.

Upper East Side »

The community board voted in favor of six crosstown bike lanes to be added to the neighborhood.

Astoria »

The city is converting the Astoria Park street to a one-way road by turning one lane into a bike path.

Yorkville »

Residents had hoped to get a compromise from the school but were disappointed, they say.

Long Island City »

Now there's a separate path for bikers and pedestrians, officials say.

Upper East Side »

This will be the third time that the DOT proposes a set of crosstown bike lanes to the community.  

Long Island City »

The bridge is an increasingly popular span for cyclists traveling between Brooklyn and Queens.

Astoria »

Officials will hold the first of several community meetings about the proposal starting May 9.

Gowanus »

A fixed bridge would scuttle plans to use barges to remove sludge during the canal's Superfund cleanup.

Upper West Side »

The protected bike lane will arrive earlier than expected, in mid-May, a DOT official said.

Greenpoint »

The bridge will be closed from 12:00 to 5:00 a.m. for work needed complete bike lanes there.

Chelsea »

The city needs "maintenance partners" to commit to caring for micro-gardens on the pedestrian islands.

Yorkville »

The DOT borough commissioner admitted that the signal was changed after one letter writer requested it.

Clinton Hill »

The DOT wants to add a two-way bike lane to Clinton Avenue between Flushing and Gates avenues.

Astoria »

Transportation advocates say the intersection at 21st Street and 30th Road was long a problem spot.