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Astoria »

Officials are also pressing the DOT to add mid-block crosswalks along the busy shopping street.

Civic Center »

Racial discrimination was prevalent in the DOT's Fleet Services unit, prosecutors charge.

Mott Haven »

The plaza was supposed to be finished by the end of 2016, but this has since been pushed back to May.

Astoria »

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas wants the DOT to take "immediate action" at the intersection of 32nd St.

West Farms »

Bronx politicians have allocated more than $1 million for cameras and safety improvements in the area.

Woodside »

The fliers were spotted Friday at the intersection of 31st Avenue and 57th Street. 

Midtown »

The Department of Transportation is cautioning New Yorkers about excessive traffic during the holidays.

Astoria »

The city is eyeing nearly a dozen potential Queens streets and possible new bridges to Brooklyn.

Crown Heights »

Residents who attended a city meeting marked on a map where they thought the stations should go.

Upper East Side »

Readers said the mayor's Vision Zero plan doesn't do enough to keep pedestrians safe.

Upper East Side »

Seven people have been killed walking on the Upper East Side this year to date.

Astoria »

The DOT will host two meetings to get public feedback on the program's launch in Queens CB1.

Prospect Heights »

The city's DOT will host a meeting next week about Citi Bike's expansion into the area.

Long Island City »

Cyclists say the bridge's current path is too narrow to share between bikes and pedestrians.

Corona »

The Department of Transportation's proposal for 111th Street was first presented in March 2015.