Domestic Violence

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Brownsville »

Zarah Coombs, 26, murdered her son, Zamair Coombs, in their Brownsville home, police said.

Jamaica »

Michael Guzman died Sunday after being found unconscious inside his home.

West Farms »

Sherlin Camacho also suffered broken rib and tibia along with retinal damage, police said.

Laurelton »

Sukele Lewis, who served time for murder, stabbed relatives on 227th Street, police said.

Central Harlem »

Marc Brockington stabbed his brother in the Abraham Lincoln Houses, police said.

Crown Heights »

The 54-year-old was arrested this week for the Nov. 30 break-in, police said.

Gravesend »

The skull of Jaden Jordan, 3, was fractured by his mom's boyfriend, Salvatore Lucchesse, police said.

Washington Heights »

Police said they were responding to a call of an assault on West 180th Street.

Upper West Side »

A police officer who works in The Bronx assaulted his girlfriend, police said. 

Murray Hill ( Queens) »

Almas Hossain attacked his wife in their Barclay Avenue home, police said.

High Bridge »

Jonathan Sanchez shot Araceles Colon in Macombs Dam Park, police said.

East Harlem »

The star relief pitcher was arrested in New Jersey earlier this week.

Civic Center »

The new initiative is designed to help victims keep their jobs and stay in their homes.

Upper West Side »

Francisco Perez's family said Metropolitan Hospital "failed us."

Claremont »

Antonio Robinson killed Sharon Epps and her son Tyrell Bell, police said.