Cold Case

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Murray Hill »

Detective Michael Abruzzi said he hopes a new look at the 1982 Gail Mark murder will solve the case.

Murray Hill »

The brutal murder of Gail Mark has never been solved, although police previously eyed her husband.

Civic Center »

Cy Vance said on MSNBC Monday he intends to retry Pedro Hernandez for the death of Etan, 6, in 1979.

Claremont »

Jonathan Jolivert, 46, was arrested on Feb. 13 for the murder of 21-year-old Michelle Page.

Sunnyside »

The 108 Precinct recently tweeted sketches of the suspects in the killing of gay activist Lou Rispoli.

Washington Heights »

Michael Berrios was stabbed to death in December 2004 on a Queens street, police said.

Richmond Hill »

Johnny Dupree was linked to two separate Queens 1997 rapes using a state DNA database.

Washington Heights »

The priest who eulogized Anjelica Castillo 20 years ago will do so again at a ceremony Friday.

Upper East Side »

The woman didn't share the information until she heard news reports on the anniversary of the death.

Inwood »

Justo Santos, 43, was indicted for shooting Jose Martinez to death outside Rincon Dominican Restaurant.

Inwood »

DNA testing could link two men to the brutal murder of Sarah Fox in 2004, according to a report.

Hamilton Heights »

Melvin Kelly, 55, was charged with murder in the death of 32-year-old Isabelle Joye.

New York City »

Rodney Alcala pleaded guilty to killing Cornelia Crilley and Ellen Hover in the 1970s.

Long Island City »

Leila Mulla, 47, of Long Island City, has been charged with the murder of a Louisiana man.

Riverdale »

When Lucius Crawford was arrested, police found the body of a 41-year-old woman in his bed.