Staten Island

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The NYPD has been training shelter peace officers since March. 

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Here's how a Trump Administration could affect investigations by U.S. Attorneys here in New York.

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Prosecutors in New York say there's not enough evidence, but those in Washington, D.C. disagree.

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The borough saw 146 deaths from heroin overdoses in 2015, according to city statistics.

Castleton Corners »

Donald Trump called Sam Pirozzolo after hearing his sign had been burned.

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Police arrested a Staten Island firefighter for assault Monday.

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Police released photos of two men wanted for assault and animal cruelty.

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The multi-vehicle crash on Staten Island killed one and injured 12 others, police said.

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Grab your helmet and pedal through these five bike routes this summer.

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Can you tell the difference between Staten Island and Argentina? Because some people can't. 

Concord »

The mayor announced new programs to tackle opioid abuse and money in the budget to build an indoor pool.

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Daniel Pantaleo's loss of vacation time for a wrongful 2012 search wasn't made public until last month.

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Erica Garner narrates the video and says Sanders is the only candidate speaking about police brutality. 

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Joan Illuzzi was defeated in her bid to become Staten Island's DA.