Hudson Street

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The woman was shot about two blocks from where two boys were shot four days earlier, police said.

Hudson Square »

The sites are currently controlled by the Department of Environmental Protection.

West Village »

Two men robbed a home near West 10th and Hudson streets during a weekday afternoon, police said.

SoHo »

City officials said the lot will become affordable housing, but not necessarily for seniors.

West Village »

Residents believed they would get 3 public parks after the city finished decades-long capital projects.

Greenwich Village »

Police said they found a "pattern" of robberies by the same suspect.

West Village »

Police are looking for a man who hit and robbed a woman he followed home late at night, the NYPD said.

West Village »

The organic grocery store Mrs. Green's will open its first city location.

West Village »

Police said a man was arrested and charged for groping a woman as she slept in her apartment.

West Village »

The NYPD is looking for a man they say broke into a woman's apartment and groped her as she slept.

West Village »

Police said a man wearing moccasins or loafers smashed the window of the exclusive West Village lounge.

West Village »

Dumpling Go recently opened other shops in Greenwich Village and the East Village.

TriBeCa »

The man was hurt in a construction accident at 60 Beach St., officials said.

West Village »

The Hershey Co. filed an intellectual property lawsuit against an importer of British chocolates.