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New Dorp Beach »

The state will pay to elevate storm-damaged homes that aren't in the most severe flood zone.

Pleasant Plains »

Dealers have tweaked the chemical makeup of fentanyl to create new analogs and avoid harsher charges.

Columbus Circle »

The mayor was uninvited from a parade for Columbus in The Bronx on Sunday.

Greenpoint »

The bridge will be blown up in the early morning hours of Oct. 1, according to local police.

Williamsburg »

Train service resumed with delays at 10:34 a.m., according to the MTA. 

Chelsea »

Separately, the city still hopes to lure the online retailer to build a huge second headquarters here.

Civic Center »

The suspect, James Casey, previously attacked officers in a Bronx jail in May 2016, officials said.

Bloomfield »

The state is offering $18 million in tax credits to bring the retailer to the city, officials said.

Crown Heights »

"Security is trying to keep it more tame, but I still look forward to it every year," one attendee said.

Forest Hills »

Simanowitz served the 27th district in Queens since 2011.

Midtown »

Briana's Law mandates that NYPD officers learn CPR.

Midtown »

There have been at least eight derailments of subways and commuter trains in NYC since 2013.

Maspeth »

The central section of the bridge was lowered Tuesday and was floated down the Newtown Creek Wednesday.

Midtown »

The legislation will go into effect immediately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. 

Midtown »

Cuomo's ratings fell to their lowest point since September 2015, a Quinnipiac University poll found.